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Secret Souls

Dark Ambient, Noise, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #47
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: jasoneden
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Direct URL: secret-souls
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This was a fun show. One of my best ones I think. Straight dark ambient with some noise and soundscapes.

Couple tracks from Mystified's as yet unreleased "Drifting". Actually it was released in 2007 for sale on recycled cassettes, but coming out again soon on Buddhist on Fire as CC music.

Backyard Ghost again. Played these tracks on "Calm, Happy Whispers", and listening to it later, it felt like I needed a seatbelt. Backyard Ghost rocks (in an ambient way of course...)

Played some music by Argentinian noise artist Playing With Nuns. The listener count on seemed to drop off as I did so. Maybe they thought it was technical difficulties with the stream. Their loss. So awesome.

Some excerpts from Luis Antero's fantastic field recordings. What a great ear he has. Good gear too apparently.

Snuck in some tracks from The Implicit Order. More of his newer releases later. So good this guy's music. Great samples.

Also tracks from Fabio Keiner's recent release "Departure". On the Petcord netlabel.

James Wyness: "The Bridge". Nice.

I think you will enjoy this as much as I did. I got into doing the show so much there was no voiceover until the end, but then I chopped that off as well. So it's the first podcast where there is no voiceover interruption... Happy listening.
00:00DeiedIntro + The Trip
00:40Nagual ArtThe Swan
05:02Jaydea Lopez (from Luis Antero's radio show)O Colecionador de Sons_Emissao 35_2011.09.12
12:01BelltonesuicideEffexor II
21:12Numb SilenceAntifons03 / Antifons10 / To Angel13 / Untitled / Guillotine
28:40Jeff Sampson with MystifiedCorpse Raiser
40:53Luis AnteroWater Recordings II
45:58Playing With NunsLuxurious Vintage Audio (Feat. Talib Aziiz)
50:19Vertex GermMuscimol
51:18Playing With NunsConstruction Delay
53:11Nik XaOSOn the power of thought
60:07Vacio Perfecto | PharmakustikMECCANISMORTE 01
64:12Backyard GhostSalt And Water
70:49Backyard GhostMisty Grave Serenade
75:47Backyard Ghost1979
85:41the Implicit OrderNight
89:37Backyard GhostCapgras Delusion
97:42the Implicit OrderIn the Sky...
101:49James WynessThe Bridge
114:29Luis AnteroO Colecionador de Sons_Emissao 35_2011.09.12
120:40Fabio KeinerSleep
127:54Luis AnteroWater Recordings II
129:21Fabio KeinerFukushima I
135:14Caerula SanguisStones That Crumble
143:23FugaSatanaeThe Strange High House in the Mist
157:21Leonid M. Zhest'KaYA (Memory & Future)
163:41vagskalwe dream instead of live
167:08HalgrathIrae Seithoria
177:22Hank WilliamsYour Cheatin' Heart

Elfine was rescued. Henceforth, her life would be one of exquisite, sunny natural content. She would bear children and found a line of pleasant, ordinary English people who were blazing with poetry in their secret souls. All was as it should be.

- Stella Gibbons, Cold Comfort Farm

Another Room

Experimental, Ritual Ambient, Witch House
Sadayatana Podcast #46
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: kavehkhkh
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Direct URL: another-room
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One of the more experimental shows --with the occasional beat. Sort of an audio investigation of the ambient side of "witch house". According to Wikipedia Witch House "...features a fusion of techniques rooted in Swishahouse hip-hop -- sluggish tempo with skipping, stop-timed beats -- coupled with elements from genres such as noise, drone, and shoegaze."

A semi disastrous show this one. I was playing for two hours without actually being connected to the stream. The tags where being updated, so it kind of looked like I was playing but the music heard was from the automation at I discovered this by connecting and listening to the stream. Hey that's not me! So I basically started over at the midnight hour and ran till 3 am.

Some night owl listeners actually stuck around for the whole show. Night owls and listeners in Australia, Russia, etc. A late night, but the show must go on...
02:35Josef NadekYaji Ash-Shuthath
06:29ki††y c▲ttake me away, midnight car
09:21En CadenasCries from the Sanatorium
12:52Cat Pain Black Udder048
13:53Aurelio CampomanesC115 Km 10,7
17:28UjjayaThe master of crossroad
22:05InsektThe End of The Show
31:05Anton Mobin, Ayato, Murmurists,
Victor Jorge, Kortane Cortex, DMC, Kecap Tuyul
Comme si c'était un merle
34:58Francesco LenziLa Mia Paura Pura
38:12Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 01
46:43Lázaro ResucitadoWasps
50:38El GolpistaPopulations Of Xenophiophores
50:38KWOLARetheo gn
62:47John LithiumEncounter : No Easy Answers Or Choices
67:40WzgardaLet's put a smile on that face
70:20JazznoizeIberia 2.1
72:15Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 06
72:49John LithiumEnter : A Soul Of Corrupted Darkness
75:13NOX 210Opening The Portal (Rite Phase II)
77:44Christopher McFallCrooked Site Winding
82:41En CadenasSubliminal Religion
83:41Cousin SilasFrom A Dark Lighthouse Parts 1, 2, 3
86:28Popular 66La noche del gusano Palolo
90:02Lázaro ResucitadoWasps
93:53Bash NovaHeart
97:10Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 03
98:08John LithiumBanishment : Into The Wild
103:32Faustino GoyenaIsis Unveiled
117:51Faustino GoyenaIsis Unveiled
120:52Christopher McFallExquisite Sender
125:34En CadenasIn The Depths of the Illusion
131:37Anastasia VronskiThe Spell
134:36StuzhaDeti Podzemelya
140:20Bash NovaWet Roads At Night
144:11Bash NovaFilter This
147:11HypnozDomain of Monochrome Rainbow
152:43JazznoizeIberia 2.1
158:40KWOLARgs ae e't
169:46Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 02
170:51w.xThe Evolutionary Loop
175:13Billie HolidayLover Man
178:39J. S. BachHosanna B-minor Mass

When I had somewhat recovered from the dazing effect of the transition from uproar to silence, my first impulse was to reopen the door which I had closed, and from the knob of which I was not conscious of having removed my hand; I felt it distinctly, still in the clasp of my fingers. My notion was to ascertain by stepping again into the storm whether I had been deprived of sight and hearing. I turned the doorknob and pulled open the door. It led into another room!

- Ambrose Bierce, The Spook House

Great Drifting Ship

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #45
Average Bitrate: 150kbps mp3
Cover: Michael Dawes
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Direct URL: great-drifting-ship
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Starting with a Bach mashup by Cine Victoria & Muniagurria. It sounds like a bunch of audio gear in an old theater all playing various Bach tunes at the same time. This mixes into some Bach I stretched out myself.

An experimental track off Joe Frawley's soundcloud page. Thank you Joe. Very nice. Looking forward to the eventual release.

James Alaska and Tristan Shorr "Abisalle glick". A piece created in "a disused cinema in Erlangen, Bavaria" "...fragments of sound were taken from locally sourced vinyl, L.P.'s, cassettes and gramophone records..." So good. I had to play all 40 minutes of it. I really admire Impulsive Habitat. Very consistent high quality.

And the usual Sadayatana stuff...
00:00Cine Victória + MuniagurriaBachiana
01:35J. S. BachHosanna B-minor Mass
16:37Rodrigo Avellar de MuniagurriaCoerção
21:20äNACRUSäOruga Sapo
34:02PolluxStygian Shock
42:22SonoreFictionThe Machinist
46:08(dell.tree)In Somnus 2
54:35Rodrigo Avellar de MuniagurriaCaminho Exponencial
58:12Joe FrawleyTiresias' Walk
66:37James Alaska, Tristan ShorrAbisalle glick
107:02The Musk-rat Cultcryptomnesia (the ascension)
111:42Zreen ToyzWalking Of Velocipedes
116:26The Musk-rat Cultthe streets of crocodiles (cinnamon shops II)
121:38AuzelNarrow Stairway made of Stone
122:13Master ToadMessenger of Lucid Sleep
123:17ATERHas No Time
127:59Isoleren LawaaiZender
130:26Noise ResearchMovement Towards (Soundtrack)
137:24Microbit ProjectDarkness Exhalation
139:25AuzelHidden Tapestry
140:33MoonsugarRitual Artistry
144:12w.x and MystifiedInstinctive Reflex
148:52Necrodome Inc.L'Age De Démence
156:33NigulLa Casa De Colònies
159:26äNACRUSäExtraño pájaro
164:30Juan Antonio NietoA Starry Ring
171:29Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Two
174:54Bob Wills & The Carolina Cotton BandYou Always Keep Me In Hot Water

Wasn't it just a storybook over which I had fallen adoze and adream? No; it was a big, ugly, antique, but convenient house, embodying a few features of a building still older, half-replaced and half-utilized, in which I had the fancy of our being almost as lost as a handful of passengers in a great drifting ship. Well, I was, strangely, at the helm!

- Henry James, The Turn of the Screw

The Woodshed

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #44
Average Bitrate: 150kbps mp3
Cover: skagman
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Direct URL: the-woodshed
Review at Sadayatana #44

Another mashup of one of Mystified's drone tunes. This time his soda bottle drone is mixed with an old bagpipe 78. So nice of him to let me abuse his music in this way. It's fun!

Oh man... Fabián Ramírez played live from Mexico City --in his dark ambient incarnation Obscure Visions. Later in the week I stitched in a flac recording of his set that he provided me. Maximum fidelity. Sounds great. This set will be released later on my new Netlabel Buddhist on Fire. Several releases coming, including Shane Morris: "Approaching Singularity", Seetya: "Tagundnachtgleiche", and Bunk Data & Exuviae: Subseason III. Man, I can't wait. Oh wait, I have already been listening to them. A lot.
00:00Willie RossWhistle o'er the lave o't
00:45MystifiedSoda Bottle Drone
14:57Jeff GburekMurmurs, Then, Grains Of Drought
20:41René Muñoz CórdovaMundo Real V
26:22CoevalI Went To The Woods
49:06HerdTerminal Window
51:24KalteHarbig-Haro Object
57:37Jeff Sampson with MystifiedCorpse Raiser
70:14Obscure VisionsObscure Visions on Sadayatana [LIVE]
120:30David VelezCuatro Horas En El Páramo
126:53BlackberrySearching (feat. Spinning Merkaba)
129:37Giorgos StefanouTravelling in Space-Time B
132:09Réne Muñoz CórdovaVer Hurtam
133:47Paregorik & Phalanx feat The White RabbitCity Beam
136:35CrepusculoIn The Blackhole
145:52CoevalLa Angostura
149:04David VelezMemoria Fragmentada
152:14Juan Jose CalarcoLimites
154:40cdrxTravel by night
157:18Simon WhethamKwai Pontoons
165:42Sophokles ArvanitisSoniferous Garden
174:54Judith Peacock CummingsAlasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
176:26SadayatanaOutro had seen something nasty in the woodshed.
You'd never forgotten it.
...but you'd remembered all your life.

- Stella Gibbons, Cold Comfort Farm

This Blue Lawn

Ambient, Experimental, Musique concrète
Sadayatana Podcast #43
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: Reini68
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Direct URL: this-blue-lawn
Review at Sadayatana #43

Starting with a mashup of a new track by Mystified: Satyr's Drone. I paired it with a homemade 78 I found on I think they made it for their loved ones in the war. It's cute but also sounds like the Satyr's of Mystified's track so I went with it. Especially all the laughing.

Then we had a live (with one overdub) performance by Muied Lumens. A track he prepared specially for this show. I had listened to it a couple times in the car --but really didn't get into until I listened to it with headphones. Take my advice and do the same.

I really like the slowed down classical pieces by Alan Morse Davies. I did this myself on a show that was not podcast. With some Bach choral music. It was nice but I got some crap about it in the chatroom. So it was with trepidation that I played these. But they seemed to be loved in the chat. All is well. Enjoy.
00:00Reg, Eva, Mrs. SikesGreetings
00:52MystifiedSatyrs Drone
07:48SubterrestrialThe Old Water Tank
16:03James McDougallInskip
27:35Carlos D. PeralesMystic nits
33:42Emanuele CostantiniItaMeda-Milano-AmbienceExtItalyHelicopterFiumeLambro
36:49Burning ArtistPiano Birds Frozen Fall
40:52Alan Morse DaviesNocturne [Grieg] (Mischa Elman & Josef Bonime, 1919)
45:15Grind OutAnimals
53:54Grind OutPorno
61:21Muied LumensEpistelechiton
112:55Alan Morse DaviesPhonautograph 1860
115:57Alan Morse DaviesPhonautograph 1859
117:38Alan Morse DaviesKvitøya
125:45AorthaTheir Way
128:19PlanetTolerancePlanet 2029
132:46The Unseelie CourtSingularity
135:52Planet toleranceOther World
139:13Grind OutHorror
140:32dnp x.citerintro/chapter alpha (excerpt)
140:55Grind OutLenin at factory
143:06Kirill PlatonkinPinewood Spell
149:42NataStormy Weather
152:27Alan Morse DaviesClaire de Lune (Hotel Commodore Ensemble, 1927)
169:05Grind OutGlitch to Switch
172:42Hesychia & Infinitum[child]
176:45Enrico CarusoLa Donna e Mobile (Verdi From Rigoletto)

He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him, somewhere back in that vast obscurity beyond the city, where the dark fields of the republic rolled on under the night.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby