Hung From Strings

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #41
Average Bitrate: 151kbps mp3
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Did a mix of almost all Jon7 music from the site In the background I ran loops continuously from Bing Satellites. The samples available here: Bing Satellites - Accidental Music volume 1 - create your own. Thank you to Bing Satellites for allowing me to use them in my podcast. I'm not sure you can hear them but the samples are awesome and provided an audio broth for mixing in Jon7.

In the middle of all this madness... Brooks Rongstad of Exuviae and Nathan Larson of Bunk Data played live as the duo Subseason. They streamed for an hour at 320kpbs and it was awesome. The set will be released later as Subseason: III. So happy to have them on the show.

This show dedicated to Howard, Joe, Shane and the people at They saved Stillstream. Viva, long live stillstream! Long Live the New Flesh!
00:00Jon 7pirated signals
04:56Jon 7Distant Signals pt II
08:35Jon 7pirated signals
09:19Jon 7Distant Signals pt II
14:47Jon 7time particles
20:39Jon 7Distant Signals pt II
22:59Jon 7a chain of islands above the clouds
35:49Jon 7adrift on a nonexistent ocean
35:54Jon 7a chain of islands above the clouds
35:54Jon 7adrift on a nonexistent ocean
54:49SadayatanaSubseason Live
116:01Jon 7romania by train
123:59Jon 7static klang
130:23Jon 7intonation cutback
134:29Jon 7static klang
136:24Jon 7intonation cutback
139:30Xopher Robinelectronic freestyle pt 1
151:06Jon 7bell island
158:32Jon 7chapter I: castor and pollux
169:06Jon 7Deepfreeze
175:38Montserrat Caballe (as Turandot)Nessun Dorma (excerpt from Act III)

The metallic sounds seem like some kitchen ware hung from strings and struck with sticks.

- CP McDill