Underwater Sculptures

Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #40
Average Bitrate: 149kbps mp3
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Cover: Enchanted Forest
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New track from a collaboration between Dan Miñoza and M. Peck: "Primer" A tease from an upcoming release. Awesome.

Tracks from Jack Hertz, Shane Morris & Anton Mobin, and Muied Lumens. All from the new collaboration of electro-music.com regulars: "No Labels No Musics II". Great release, more of this later.

Big mix of tracks by The Imogen Projekt, thrown together in a way that makes it just one big long spacy track.

Couple tracks from Kit Watkins' release "Circle". Rain, Train... hard to beat. Early environmental ambient.

Some early Joe Frawley mixed in. Love his music.
13:55Claudio CurciottiMumbay. Hand washing 1
14:55Joe FrawleySound Collage No.1: Invocation of Pan
16:37FescalLethal Industry
25:07D.Miñoza/M. PeckPrimer
31:38Bagryanii SchliachChorne Ptastvo
35:39Joe FrawleySound Collage No. 2: Wilhelmina's Dream (1914)
48:37Jack HertzPrimal Desire
58:11Fescal13 Door Cinema
61:31900piesekLonesome Abyss (crash: meeting point in slow motion)
66:36Light ImplantHalf Apocalypse
69:46CeptualAwaken earth
78:43The Imogen Projektsync
81:25The Imogen Projektisolate
83:10The Imogen Projektsync
84:57The Imogen Projektisolate
85:54The Imogen Projektinsane architect
88:48The Imogen ProjektSoundscapes Of The Forgotten Green Froggs part 3
95:18The Imogen Projekttravellar
96:33The Imogen ProjektSoundscapes Of The Forgotten Green Froggs part 3
99:55The Imogen ProjektSync
119:21Kit WatkinsCircle of Rain
123:35Joe FrawleySound Collage No. 4: The Stenographer's Assistant
128:37Kit WatkinsMan/Machine
133:27Shane Morris & Anton MobinRiot Lab
138:27FescalLost Contact
138:45Muied LumensTeleport No 54
148:27CrepusculaRLow Astral Invokation
164:33Annette HanshawAin't He Sweet
166:50The Imogen ProjektTravellar

After I die I want to be encased in stone and turned into a coral reef.

- Palancar