Between Stations

Dark Ambient, Space Music, Experiment, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #39
Average Bitrate: 150kbps mp3
Cover: Raffles Place MRT Station
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Direct URL: between-stations
Review at Sadayatana #39

Nice to have Jason Sloan playing live. Great set. Had some technical difficulties with the mp3 tags. There's a trick with it where I play this big silent mp3 and it's tagged to say like "Jason Sloan live on Sadayatana". Something like that. Well the big mp3 didn't play for more than a second for some reason. And I didn't notice for a while.

The result was the start of his set was mixed with a bit of Exuviae (who btw, will be playing here live next week along with Bunk Data, as the duo Subseason.) I was thinking as it was playing "wow, this is really nice". Listening to it again I thought the same thing. Later when it's available on his web site I will put a link to his live set as recorded on his end. Meanwhile enjoy the happy accident. This is the way it was as it happened live on

The rest of the show was as usual. A bit heavy on the Dark Winter stuff. But sometimes I roll like that. Mix of Bunk Data and partners towards the end. Some Exuviae and Seetyca. All good stuff.

Also Seetyca will be playing live on an upcoming show. Look forward to telling you exactly when. Check faceboob, twitter and for details.

Jason Sloan's live set is available for download here: in glorious 320kpbs mp3.
00:00FortyoneThe Music Begins
06:17900piesekSecret Cosmoport
14:13Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriStrange God
20:15FoselDeep With Quartered Shades (Km Krebs Remix)
29:53SeetycaMe, Always Doing The Wrong Things
42:43Rob DanielsonDora Lake
45:12oVdk / Bunk DataSyntactic Incoherence (Butsumetsu)
54:16ExuviaeWhere Cold Things Grow
63:09Jason SloanLive on Sadayatana
130:33Circle of PinesDown to the Dreamy Sky
142:22SeetycaDie Comoedia Von Der Zeit
148:11SomnariumA Bed Of Pale Worms
154:03Viv CorringhamIn Transit
155:29PerimeterSin Eaters
162:16Ka-baalim & Bunk DataOne thousand miles from the door
169:26Ka-baalim & Bunk DataThe Distance Between Death and Dreams
173:24Ka-baalim & Bunk Data1,000 Mile Lap (LAP Remix)
174:54Bunk Data Vs Abre OjosLong Rivers Of Dust
177:47Ka-baalim & Bunk DataSix Hundred and Eleven
178:55FortyoneSee Ya Later Boys And Girls
179:16Dugald McNeillThere's nane like Jesus

I still have a working short wave radio. Makes interesting noises in between stations.

- Altocumulus