Chair Squeaking, Slowed Down

Dreamworking, Musique Concrete, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #36
Average Bitrate: 145kbps mp3
Cover: a laser dawn
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Review at Sadayatana #36

Fun show tonight. Played mostly stuff by C.P. Mcdill who was kind enough to allow me to mix his music. C.P. McDill is the mastermind behind Webbed Hand Records and has several projects/names he goes under. Among them: Saluki Regicide, Djinnestan, Drone Wallah, Tree Helicopter, and Akashic Crow's Nest. Webbed Hand Records gets a lot of play on Sadayatana. Very happy to do a show featuring so much of C.P. McDill's music.

Got to play a few other things. A couple tracks from the new The Implicit Order EP "For Your Eyes Only", and a couple from the new release up on Vuzh Music, Auzel's "Old", and a couple tracks from the new Treetrunk Netlabel release where Seetyca remixes Mystified's Trombone drone music. All very nice.
00:00Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Festival at Bagdad (excerpt, edit, Cleveland Orchestra, conducted by Artur Rodzinski, violin Josef Fuchs)
00:31Saluki RegicideSnow In The Library
05:59Saluki RegicideRain III
10:14Saluki RegicideWhispering
13:44Seetyca With MystifiedThonus Conae
18:58Saluki RegicideBoogies and Ghosts
23:47mystifiedCavern Of Tile
27:31Saluki RegicideElectricity and Progress
30:31Saluki RegicideRain III
32:17Saluki RegicideSwanee
36:19Saluki RegicideRain III
41:14Saluki RegicideGhosts Of Silent Spring
44:31Saluki RegicideRain III
47:43Saluki Regicide & MystifiedNot a Dream
53:20mystifiedCavern Of Tile
56:09DjinnestanA Locket of Hair
60:20DjinnestanRain I
75:02DjinnestanIt's Just the Wind
87:10DjinnestanPurr (76min)
87:21DjinnestanIt's Just the Wind
87:35Saluki RegicideThe Robot Had to Obey
87:36DjinnestanPurr (76min)
87:48Saluki RegicideThe Robot Had to Obey
92:01DjinnestanPurr (76min)
95:29Saluki RegicideTea Leaves
99:33Saluki RegicideMooring Mast
103:37Seetyca With MystifiedTrombona Thaumatica
121:33Zreen ToyzIncongruous Talk From Theodolite
132:26The Implicit OrderKingdom Of Blood
138:05AuzelI Remember It More Now
140:26The Implicit OrderMonsters Among Us
143:28Doc & Lena SelyaninaMovement in Stillness
158:57Saluki RegicideRain III
166:40pixyblink/Disturbed Earththe creeps
172:48Saluki RegicideRehearsal Of Ashes
174:42Enrico CarusoTosca, E lucevan le stelle (April 1903)

The creaking sound is a chair squeaking, slowed down. The odd whale-like sound is an owl hoot, slowed down.

- C.P. McDill