Night Insects

Field Recordings, Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #35
Average Bitrate: 158kbps mp3
Cover: Glow worm
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Chris Carter's Soundcloud music worked well for "Tiny Golden Bikinis". Inspiring a search for more great Soundcloud music. Worked out. As Gurdonark said in chat: "is tonight a soundcloud night?" Sure was...

Played some of the new field recordings from the Impulsive Habitat netlabel, Claudio Curciotti's "Indica: Sounds from India". Very nice. I really like this netlabel. I have a voracious appetite for field recordings. More from them in future.

While looking around I rediscovered the music of Doc & Lena Selyanina, who get the honor of longest track played on tonight's show. "Bell Meditation" from their release "Cosmic Lullabies". Deep ambient at it's best.

Found some other field recordings while sniffing around at the Musictrade netlabel. Which I was able to put to good use. Waiter! More phonography! Seriously.

Mixed together tracks from Bortom Reparation, Vessel 1 through 5. Basically you're always hearing at least 2 of these tracks at the same time. The Bortom Reparation Vessel Sadayatana distended mix, hehe.

Bortom Reparation is a collaboration between Red Fog and IOK-1 (David Bengtsson). I really admire the DNA Production netlabel.

Just one track this week but I really like the music of The Implicit Order. Thanks again to C. Reider for turning me onto these strange sounds.

Lucky to find these particularly crisp binaural field recordings by Derren Lee Poole. Wow. I could do a whole show inspired by the one titled "Blackburn Cathedral". Oh wait, maybe I just did. Reminiscent of NordBeck's release "78 rpm" featured in Sadayatana "Extreme High Heels". Need more sounds like this. Have any?
00:00noiseflowrMy life is my own & phase clock (mashup)
05:38comatic (ambient)Unknown Territory
12:01Obscure VisionsThe physical events of the universe
14:39comatic (ambient)Flow
22:13Claudio CurciottiMumbay. Metro
25:24Doc & Lena SelyaninaBell Meditation
48:00noiseflowrDepths Of (Random Coil Collab)
51:31Claudio CurciottiParvati Valley. Raga rain
53:36Nihili ChristiCold Concrete
56:15The Implicit OrderMurder In Homeroom
61:32Obscure VisionsTaken To A Strange Underground Laboratory
65:20Derren Lee PooleMan With Dog
69:16Nihili ChristiTumore Spirituale (remastered)
72:53Bortom ReparationVessel Part 1 [exploring emptiness]
79:42Bortom ReparationVessel Part 2 [cured by circuits]
83:44Bortom ReparationVessel Part 3 [cryo dreams]
88:27Bortom ReparationVessel Part 4 [sculpting theĀ indigo]
93:07Bortom ReparationVessel Part 5 [incoming transmission: messier 101]
102:25nojoinedwaiting for the cusp
106:13comatic (ambient)Global Darkness
112:29Electric Sound OperaCristiana Misionera 001 (excerpt)
112:43spidergodSinister Forest
117:12FragsFrog 2 (Danum Valley)
117:27A Quiet NorwayRainhead
125:18Derren Lee PoolePetrol Station
125:51Occurrences In Rain(They Were) Tuned To Wafting Magic
130:11Derren Lee PooleBlackburn Cathedral
131:19bedawangI feel like a Pilobolus Kleinii Sporangiophore
136:31Electroteque2005-07-26 Arlanda Express Station Stockholm
137:46McKlainOscura Intencion
141:41Claudio CurciottiVaranasi. The ghat
145:51ChikorkezTrip in Horror Wind
153:36Doc feat. SolarisSolaris
156:08ErebusInk in Motion
161:57Eldritch MawThey Manufacture Us
167:53Spearmint VerdigrisPhantom City of the Grey Gods
174:27Electroteque2000-07-10 Central Station Sydney Australia

I love the night insects.

- Altocumulus