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The Occasional Trip

Experimental, Spoken Word, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #38
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: acid trip
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Played a lot of Zreen Toyz. Good stuff that. Like it was made for my show. I'll have to track down as much Zreen Toyz as I can find. More later I am sure.

Also, I played Ars Sonor: "En Resa Till Botkyrka I" but technical difficulties arose with my playlist. Good track though... it's in there somewhere --I swear!
00:00kipmKIPM Reverend Maxwells Electromagnetic Church (edit)
00:08Zreen ToyzDisturbed Zoos At Phase One
05:44Cerebral AstronautAnd Behold The Swarm Of Hornets; The Devourers Of Flesh; The Endless Has Begun
07:27Rabbi Stacey Blank of congregation Darchei Noam, Ramat HasharonVe'Ahavta
25:30Wings Of An AngelA Violent Awakening From Within
27:31Cerebral AstronautAnd Behold The Swarm Of Hornets; The Devourers Of Flesh; The Endless Has Begun
31:17I.V.LabSomnambulist Carving
35:38Phillip WilkersonParticle, vier
37:49SALAFirst Snow on the Fallen Leaves
40:14KhateHigh plains
43:37Ghost ReflectionDwelling Chamber
48:23SeetycaThe Deep Stares Back
52:00Szentpétery CsabaDark Swarm
58:02Mu'id ibn al NurCall To Prayer
62:13PLYTAGrabbing souls
69:26Zreen ToyzThe Timeless Topographer
77:24Christian DoilStrudel
86:03Carlos SuarezVulgus Veritatis Pessimus Interpres (Artaud)
92:24HoarfrostLight Through The Skin
97:33Muied LumensAntidistance recalculator
103:14Mu'id ibn al NurCall To Prayer
109:04Cerebral AstronautAnd Behold The Swarm Of Hornets; The Devourers Of Flesh; The Endless Has Begun
110:46Rabbi Stacey Blank, congregation Darchei Noam, Ramat HaSharomA Prayer for Peace
111:10Cerebral AstronautAnd Behold The Swarm Of Hornets; The Devourers Of Flesh; The Endless Has Begun
112:49Zreen ToyzThrough Abyssal Plain
120:59Carlo GiordaniAzzone (2004)
123:16MetamorfrozenAurora Australis
134:36Luke MunnLeaf Vibration
135:52Wings Of An AngelNocturnal Ruminations By The Guardian Guru of Music
138:07tt-voxtap B
140:56vernier 1418hojas
140:59Stream69Deep Endorphin
146:52Heiliges Licht & NeurokampfLichtwärts
151:19Heiliges Licht & NeurokampfRoad to Ancestral Homelands (NeuSchwabenland Atlantis remix)
156:30Apocalyptic Frequency ExpA Horror Of Empty Spaces
159:44Zreen ToyzQuantic Fragment
168:09Apocalyptic Frequency ExpMusings On Human Metamorphos 2
170:36MystifiedAltered Signals
175:17Oum KalthoumUnknown

The closest I get is the occasional trip to Hingham to get groceries.

- C.P. McDill

Night Owl Theater

Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #37
Average Bitrate: 143kbps mp3
Cover: Yote
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Tonight's show was a collage of various things. Thanks again to C.P. McDill and Webbed Hand Records. Akashic Crow's Nest's "Rain 2" and Djinnestan's "Purr" both made a big splash in the chatroom for their hypnotic qualities.
00:00Billy SanSuperfader
00:253spdsSweet Acceleration
05:34Tribe of AstronautsRain 2
08:02FubsanKarjalan Soutulaulut
11:10AVOIDANTBirth In Carpathia I
21:33Scott TaylorAndesite Black
25:12Nigel SamwaysSpectre 3 (Tokyo)
28:24Xalm RetributionDarkness In The Corner
32:42Field Recordings From Rishikesh, IndiaPercussion Sounds
33:55MegatonePure Land
36:20Tribe of AstronautsRain 2
39:03Ricardo WebbensMirror
44:03Ollie HallMetroJourney
47:03Second ThoughtCliff Edge
49:30TsoneMid-Summer Ghosts
57:05Nobody's Nail MachineNew Vegas
59:22FubsanKarjalan Soutulaulut
69:16Tribe of AstronautsRain 1
75:39Billy SanSuperfader
80:28Animula VagulaEdison
81:01Nigel SamwaysSpectre 4 (Mirror)
86:17Nobody's Nail MachineIndustrial
92:43Neon LotusI
92:49UnknownDog Beach Montrose
94:19Neon LotusIV
97:19Neon LotusV
100:24FugaSatanaeSleepless Nights
112:07Akashic Crow's NestRain 2
138:02DjinnestanPurr (76min)
151:23oVdk / Bunk DataDistant Refraction
155:53Ka-baalim & Bunk DataForget Thyself
161:22c. reider vs. Implicit Orderfrth
165:03Ka-baalim & Bunk DataThe Doings of Me
166:42c. reider vs. Implicit Ordertwntth
171:18BulkrateUnder the ice cold surface
177:12John Philip SousaThe Star Spangled Banner

Extra extra read all about it... cat dances with man.

- Disturbed Earth

Chair Squeaking, Slowed Down

Dreamworking, Musique Concrete, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #36
Average Bitrate: 145kbps mp3
Cover: a laser dawn
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Fun show tonight. Played mostly stuff by C.P. Mcdill who was kind enough to allow me to mix his music. C.P. McDill is the mastermind behind Webbed Hand Records and has several projects/names he goes under. Among them: Saluki Regicide, Djinnestan, Drone Wallah, Tree Helicopter, and Akashic Crow's Nest. Webbed Hand Records gets a lot of play on Sadayatana. Very happy to do a show featuring so much of C.P. McDill's music.

Got to play a few other things. A couple tracks from the new The Implicit Order EP "For Your Eyes Only", and a couple from the new release up on Vuzh Music, Auzel's "Old", and a couple tracks from the new Treetrunk Netlabel release where Seetyca remixes Mystified's Trombone drone music. All very nice.
00:00Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Festival at Bagdad (excerpt, edit, Cleveland Orchestra, conducted by Artur Rodzinski, violin Josef Fuchs)
00:31Saluki RegicideSnow In The Library
05:59Saluki RegicideRain III
10:14Saluki RegicideWhispering
13:44Seetyca With MystifiedThonus Conae
18:58Saluki RegicideBoogies and Ghosts
23:47mystifiedCavern Of Tile
27:31Saluki RegicideElectricity and Progress
30:31Saluki RegicideRain III
32:17Saluki RegicideSwanee
36:19Saluki RegicideRain III
41:14Saluki RegicideGhosts Of Silent Spring
44:31Saluki RegicideRain III
47:43Saluki Regicide & MystifiedNot a Dream
53:20mystifiedCavern Of Tile
56:09DjinnestanA Locket of Hair
60:20DjinnestanRain I
75:02DjinnestanIt's Just the Wind
87:10DjinnestanPurr (76min)
87:21DjinnestanIt's Just the Wind
87:35Saluki RegicideThe Robot Had to Obey
87:36DjinnestanPurr (76min)
87:48Saluki RegicideThe Robot Had to Obey
92:01DjinnestanPurr (76min)
95:29Saluki RegicideTea Leaves
99:33Saluki RegicideMooring Mast
103:37Seetyca With MystifiedTrombona Thaumatica
121:33Zreen ToyzIncongruous Talk From Theodolite
132:26The Implicit OrderKingdom Of Blood
138:05AuzelI Remember It More Now
140:26The Implicit OrderMonsters Among Us
143:28Doc & Lena SelyaninaMovement in Stillness
158:57Saluki RegicideRain III
166:40pixyblink/Disturbed Earththe creeps
172:48Saluki RegicideRehearsal Of Ashes
174:42Enrico CarusoTosca, E lucevan le stelle (April 1903)

The creaking sound is a chair squeaking, slowed down. The odd whale-like sound is an owl hoot, slowed down.

- C.P. McDill

Night Insects

Field Recordings, Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #35
Average Bitrate: 158kbps mp3
Cover: Glow worm
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Direct URL: night-insects
Review at Sadayatana #35

Chris Carter's Soundcloud music worked well for "Tiny Golden Bikinis". Inspiring a search for more great Soundcloud music. Worked out. As Gurdonark said in chat: "is tonight a soundcloud night?" Sure was...

Played some of the new field recordings from the Impulsive Habitat netlabel, Claudio Curciotti's "Indica: Sounds from India". Very nice. I really like this netlabel. I have a voracious appetite for field recordings. More from them in future.

While looking around I rediscovered the music of Doc & Lena Selyanina, who get the honor of longest track played on tonight's show. "Bell Meditation" from their release "Cosmic Lullabies". Deep ambient at it's best.

Found some other field recordings while sniffing around at the Musictrade netlabel. Which I was able to put to good use. Waiter! More phonography! Seriously.

Mixed together tracks from Bortom Reparation, Vessel 1 through 5. Basically you're always hearing at least 2 of these tracks at the same time. The Bortom Reparation Vessel Sadayatana distended mix, hehe.

Bortom Reparation is a collaboration between Red Fog and IOK-1 (David Bengtsson). I really admire the DNA Production netlabel.

Just one track this week but I really like the music of The Implicit Order. Thanks again to C. Reider for turning me onto these strange sounds.

Lucky to find these particularly crisp binaural field recordings by Derren Lee Poole. Wow. I could do a whole show inspired by the one titled "Blackburn Cathedral". Oh wait, maybe I just did. Reminiscent of NordBeck's release "78 rpm" featured in Sadayatana "Extreme High Heels". Need more sounds like this. Have any?
00:00noiseflowrMy life is my own & phase clock (mashup)
05:38comatic (ambient)Unknown Territory
12:01Obscure VisionsThe physical events of the universe
14:39comatic (ambient)Flow
22:13Claudio CurciottiMumbay. Metro
25:24Doc & Lena SelyaninaBell Meditation
48:00noiseflowrDepths Of (Random Coil Collab)
51:31Claudio CurciottiParvati Valley. Raga rain
53:36Nihili ChristiCold Concrete
56:15The Implicit OrderMurder In Homeroom
61:32Obscure VisionsTaken To A Strange Underground Laboratory
65:20Derren Lee PooleMan With Dog
69:16Nihili ChristiTumore Spirituale (remastered)
72:53Bortom ReparationVessel Part 1 [exploring emptiness]
79:42Bortom ReparationVessel Part 2 [cured by circuits]
83:44Bortom ReparationVessel Part 3 [cryo dreams]
88:27Bortom ReparationVessel Part 4 [sculpting the indigo]
93:07Bortom ReparationVessel Part 5 [incoming transmission: messier 101]
102:25nojoinedwaiting for the cusp
106:13comatic (ambient)Global Darkness
112:29Electric Sound OperaCristiana Misionera 001 (excerpt)
112:43spidergodSinister Forest
117:12FragsFrog 2 (Danum Valley)
117:27A Quiet NorwayRainhead
125:18Derren Lee PoolePetrol Station
125:51Occurrences In Rain(They Were) Tuned To Wafting Magic
130:11Derren Lee PooleBlackburn Cathedral
131:19bedawangI feel like a Pilobolus Kleinii Sporangiophore
136:31Electroteque2005-07-26 Arlanda Express Station Stockholm
137:46McKlainOscura Intencion
141:41Claudio CurciottiVaranasi. The ghat
145:51ChikorkezTrip in Horror Wind
153:36Doc feat. SolarisSolaris
156:08ErebusInk in Motion
161:57Eldritch MawThey Manufacture Us
167:53Spearmint VerdigrisPhantom City of the Grey Gods
174:27Electroteque2000-07-10 Central Station Sydney Australia

I love the night insects.

- Altocumulus

The Tall Grass

Dark Ambient, Musique Concrete, Drone, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #34
Average Bitrate: 147kbps mp3
Cover: A Temporary Road
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Direct URL: the-tall-grass
Review at Sadayatana #34

New releases: Mystified's "Bone Drones III" and Kirill Platonkin's "Psychic Transport".

Mystified's album, the third in his trilogy "derived entirely from trombone sounds" marks the 200th release at Webbed Hand Records. Many more to come I hope --Webbed Hand Records gets a lot of play here.

Several tracks by "The Implicit Order". I am particularly taken with the recent release at Vuzh Music: The Implicit Order "They Live in the Sky". As it says: "Originally released into the hometaper cassette network in 1997 in a limited edition of 35..." Very nice. I couldn't help but play the whole thing.

Several field recordings from the Impulsive Habitat and Field Noise Records netlabels are featured. And ending with a 78 rpm recording of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture, Op. 49" to celebrate the upcoming Independance day and to honor our troops at home and abroad.
00:00the Implicit OrderWild Talents
04:46Son ClairChurch Bells in St Leonards Gardens
06:28Implicit OrderE.V.P.
13:23shinichiroaWORK SHOP
14:13the Implicit OrderIn the Sky...
18:23MystifiedBone Drone 11
26:26To Repel GhostsIn the Trees
30:08Kirill PlatonkinMetempsychosis
37:59Implicit OrderIn the Book
38:35MystifiedBone Drone 12
46:20Disturbed Earthshade
52:39Shin Ichiro AWind Bell
53:31Nagual ArtA Song from F.
61:32the Implicit OrderFrontspiece
71:57James McDougallMountain upon a phosphorescent sky
81:14To Repel GhostsQuiet Forest
90:39Implicit OrderSpeaking in Tongue
96:04Shin Ichiro AIrasshaimase Part2
96:12StuzhaHere is No Life Without a Fire
103:10To Repel GhostsFront Zone Reverie
107:32the Implicit OrderNight
111:38Claudio CurciottiHorn Bay
112:14Insect IndustriesHive Like City
119:38Son ClairJubilee line underground -Baker Street to Bond Street-
128:34Astral LightFire
138:48To Repel GhostsNightingales
143:38Implicit OrderHopeless Afternoon
149:12Son ClairTicket gates at Green Park Station
150:41NasienieIn The Distance
156:55MystifiedBone Drone 13
164:31Implicit OrderBlow-Out
171:13shinichiroaPARK IN SAITAMA
174:25Cleveland Orchestra, Artur Rodzinski, conductorTCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture, Op. 49

Shanester sees Darth Buddha hiding in the tall grass.

- Shanester