Her White Skin

Drone, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #33
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
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Cover: Sculpture - Lady Lever Museum
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Started the show with an edited version of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries". Corny but good fun. I love the smell of 78's in the morning.

Played a lot of the music of Materia Confusa. Thanks to Webbed Hand Records for providing this great music and to Materia Confusa for making it. Really great. Big response in the chatroom too.

Thanks also to Kirill Platonkin for making his new release "Trails" available for me to include in the show.

Just a snippet of Mystified's new field recording release: "The Night". I am sure I'll be playing this more later --almost an hour of "...slightly processed field recording of night time in rural Missouri...". Jeez, everytime I go out in the middle of the night to record I end up with more bug bites than recordings. Lately I just put the recorder out there and jump back in the house. I hate bugs.

Ending the show with another 78 from 1934: Alfred Cortot playing Chopin's "Valse de l'Adieu No9 Op.69 No1 en La bemol majeur"
00:00Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell, conductorRide of the Valkyries (edit)
02:01Kirill PlatonkinFlowing Reflections
07:14Enrico ConiglioThe carb's secret
12:43Materia ConfusaE.V.P.
24:57Ablaze EternalThrough Erebus And The Elysian Fields
31:21Ablaze EternalGehenna (Valley Of Hinnom)
35:39Nocturnal EmissionsIntro (Live In Vienna 2009)
49:24Mz-N710Arrivée Du Train
51:36Noise Researchcombination of energies remixed
61:17Materia ConfusaDeadeye (excerpt)
63:03Kirill PlatonkinDying Icicles
74:49SalaJurmala. Calm
85:22nigulunim dos punts
95:10SinghaA Portée De Main
98:24Stiff & ColdMoon Of Thighs
108:28Mz-N710Courroies De Transmission, Moulin Bruno, Jayat (Ain)
111:06Materia ConfusaTransmutation
119:40mystifiedThe Night
120:43Materia ConfusaMusica Universalis
127:34Kirill PlatonkinTrails
131:52Materia ConfusaDance of the Daemon Sultan
141:01Bertrand LarrieuDiaphonie
145:01Red FogBinaural Sedation
156:14Materia ConfusaNautilus
165:04Ablaze EternalThe Underworld
172:53Alfred CortotChopin Valse de l'Adieu No9 Op.69 No1 en La bemol majeur

Yep teaching kids--they love her--amazed at her white skin.

- Shellseeker