Tiny Golden Bikinis

Experimental, Dark Ambient, Space Music
Sadayatana Podcast #30
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A new release from Dark winter Netlabel, Igor Karaca's "Rituelle" --I play the title track 3 times. See if you can find it as you listen.

Couple tracks from Palancar's new and old release on earthmantra.com: "Elysium Planitia". So great, I have been listening to this since it came out. Very happy to have a couple tracks from it on my show.

Some older stuff from Otium Netlabel. Good stuff there, great Russian label.

I sneak a drone track in I made myself from phone messages, a snippet. Fun. Goes nowhere but reminds me of Ligeti's "Requim", which is going somewhere I suppose, and what I had in mind. Wish I could play THAT on my show.

Played a bunch of tracks off of Chris Carter's Sound Cloud page. It's really nice that he has his stuff available there as CC music. Big fan of his music since the 70's. Oh man did I just give away my age?

00:00Tulo and I/DexRiga Frequences
03:17Claudio CurciottiPrayer flags
04:24Chris CarterCCCL LepLoop Experiment
08:23Chris CarterTipTop Boss
10:35Floating MindModulations Magiques
16:21Claudio Curciotti5 A.M. pray number 2
18:10Igor KaracaRituelle (edit)
21:14Chris Carterno MIDI no keyboards
26:25SonorefictionMox Critique
29:30Bunk Databoolean logic
34:55Chris CarterThis Train...
40:14PalancarCydonia Mensae
49:23ZoologicGhoizdoz Ventricles
55:07Claudio CurciottiTibetan hit
58:11Ghost ReflectionDwelling Chamber
61:54Ghost ReflectionOriginal Procession
69:30John TocherDrone Experiment Number 1
74:04Sounds of BelovodyePsychokitchen
75:44MystifiedBoneFract 4
79:02Nole PlastiqueSilky Sounds In The Morning Ear
80:30Sounds of BelovodyeMoss
86:30FescalPerfect wave
89:31Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseHarbourstorm
91:43Igor KaracaRituelle (edit)
95:58Red FogEchoes From The Rusty Turbine
108:16Ka-baalimdotting the eye
111:17Tulo and I/DexSkyline
113:26Claudio CurciottiMosques Call Donkeys And Antennas Radiations
117:37Chris CarterHarmonic Coaction One (live excerpt)
122:01Chris CarterWhile Waiting
126:15Luís AnteroThe Bean Philosophy
128:47PalancarHellas Planitia
136:21Scott Sherkthors woods
139:25LezetShaman's Winter Dance (alternate take) with Taklamakan
143:54Jaron ChildsThrow-Away Lines Often Ring True (accidental field recording #2)
144:35Gurdonarkclear cutting
146:52The LargeChimera
152:17Igor KaracaRituelle
162:19NEBELPer Inania Regna
167:25Chris CarterExperimental Tribute
171:25SM/SMAmaranthine Vallecula

Australian meter maids wear tiny golden bikinis.

- Altocumulus