The Baby Is Mental

Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #28
Average Bitrate: 152kbps mp3
Cover: Unfortunate Stone Babies
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Played some longer tracks tonight. More so than usual. At least lately. 2 of them comprising almost half of the show. It's more of a listen while snoozing or dozing type set this time. Hey I need some of those too. Careful though, it can still give you nightmares about giant spiders.

Some field recordings from Luis Antero's new release "Life" on Audio Gourmet Netlabel. Good stuff. I bet he has been bitten by more bugs than I have while out in the field recording stuff. Oh man I got attacked by ants so bad the last time I have not been out since. Maybe tonight --bad weather out there somewhere...

This podcast dedicated to Dean Richard's (Disturbed Earth) mother Melva Richards, who had surgery yesterday. Say a prayer for her. Thank you.
00:00Luís AnteroWater
04:03Ubeboet -Calarco - RecheBiesi
23:14BluedarkFragment of things beyound the waking world
30:32Luís AnteroWind
33:13BluedarkThe old ship under the ground
41:36Luís AnteroBirds
44:07MortesiumDream state
49:51Leonardo RosadoRebuilding The Dream
53:12Aeterna AnimaReburn Fire
128:19MortesiumThe Sleeper Awakens
134:19Sepulcrum SpeiHiemis Memoriae
140:48FornaxAlien Artifact
147:34Luca NasciutiPan
161:24Red FogArctic Neon
173:18Luís AnteroFrogs
176:03Son ClairBell Ringers (Before a Wedding)

When I see her she never communicates or smiles or moves. Just Stares. I think the baby is mental.

- Altocumulus