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Suddenly My Wife

Drone, 78rpm, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #29
Average Bitrate: 156kbps mp3
Cover: Portrait of Man and Wife
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Direct URL: suddenly-my-wife
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Three tracks from Kirill Platonkin's new release: "Sky Roof" --good stuff. Couple longer tracks from the always excellent Backyard Ghost.

Tracks from Canadian artists Altus and Red Fog, who [by the way] were in the chatroom tonight. I love to see artists visiting in the chatroom. Are you an artist or lover of this music? Come by chat next week and let us know. Also there are shows every night of the week. Come and meet the people in the stillstream chat!

Kind of a nutty show, but a lot of fun. I got to play some stuff I wouldn't ordinarily have played. A Scottish jig, an old 78 rpm recording (we were discussing the movie Brazil in chat...), etc.

I hope it sounds as fun as it was to do! I hear that Dean Richard's (Disturbed Earth) mother Melva Richards is out of the hospital and doing much better. Thank God. I hope she'll be listening again soon.
00:00LPF12 / ErissomaThe Experience Is The New Reality
02:56Kirill PlatonkinViolent Blossoming
21:43Radio SalvaVoices
27:32SanhedrinUngraspable Fire
31:47Red FogElectric Skulls In The Frozen Sea
43:15AltusPassage of Wastelands
59:25Backyard GhostWhat Would Jesus Bomb?
69:22Sendero LuminosoHoly Bone
75:27Edu ComellesPort de Silla
88:30Otra CarpetaPAA-OTU-RRR-a
91:56Backyard GhostTouching Things
104:00Xavier CugatBrazil
106:35Edu ComellesMascletá 17.03.2010
112:43Judith Peacock CummingsUnidentified Jig 2
114:04In ExcelsisDreams Frontier
117:32BedozePresente de Paola [a]
131:44Kirill PlatonkinSurfusion
140:19Kirill PlatonkinHeat Penetration
146:58Taumel01 - one
168:16Rivers Of AshesThe Whistler
176:54NecrophoniaConstellations Of Water

Suddenly my wife is asking what this music is.

- Jack Hertz

The Baby Is Mental

Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #28
Average Bitrate: 152kbps mp3
Cover: Unfortunate Stone Babies
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Played some longer tracks tonight. More so than usual. At least lately. 2 of them comprising almost half of the show. It's more of a listen while snoozing or dozing type set this time. Hey I need some of those too. Careful though, it can still give you nightmares about giant spiders.

Some field recordings from Luis Antero's new release "Life" on Audio Gourmet Netlabel. Good stuff. I bet he has been bitten by more bugs than I have while out in the field recording stuff. Oh man I got attacked by ants so bad the last time I have not been out since. Maybe tonight --bad weather out there somewhere...

This podcast dedicated to Dean Richard's (Disturbed Earth) mother Melva Richards, who had surgery yesterday. Say a prayer for her. Thank you.
00:00Luís AnteroWater
04:03Ubeboet -Calarco - RecheBiesi
23:14BluedarkFragment of things beyound the waking world
30:32Luís AnteroWind
33:13BluedarkThe old ship under the ground
41:36Luís AnteroBirds
44:07MortesiumDream state
49:51Leonardo RosadoRebuilding The Dream
53:12Aeterna AnimaReburn Fire
128:19MortesiumThe Sleeper Awakens
134:19Sepulcrum SpeiHiemis Memoriae
140:48FornaxAlien Artifact
147:34Luca NasciutiPan
161:24Red FogArctic Neon
173:18Luís AnteroFrogs
176:03Son ClairBell Ringers (Before a Wedding)

When I see her she never communicates or smiles or moves. Just Stares. I think the baby is mental.

- Altocumulus

A Pretty Poe Showing

Martial Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #027
Average Bitrate: 148kbps mp3
Cover: The raven (Edgar Allan Poe)
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Direct URL: a-pretty-poe-showing
Podcast Length: 3 hours, 1 minute
Live set by Jack Hertz with SFX support from Quisp Quake. Really fantastic.
I tried to craft a dark set around it. Hopefully it's not too depressing. It seemed pretty hardcore as I was doing it.
Halloween came early this year... what can I say?
00:00Fear KonstruktorArctic Stronghold
07:05Darkness And SilenceI
08:16Darkness And SilenceII
15:50Caerula SanguisTies of Blood
20:20AtumTetma IV
23:19FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 1)
25:41FelliriumShadows of the Past
28:21FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 2)
30:16AbyssBless This Mouth, Bless This Tongue
33:16ElysiumSubtle Mind Rape
37:43Caerula SanguisEternity Whispers
40:11MystifiedAll Obsessed
44:01Darkness And SilenceLast Man Standing
49:43Front Sonore Vs Mork SkogSuffering
53:22I.V.LabWith Eyes Smilling
64:15Jack Hertz and Quisp QuakeSadayatana [LIVE]
116:37HoarfrostLight Through The Skin
121:59Roto VisageSplintered Mistress
131:43AglaDeath Spiral
135:35Pizejscie do wnetrza ziemi
138:41Doc & Lena SelyaninaI used to talk to you all the time (even though I was alone)
144:44MeczûpA Tale For Lancinant Screws
147:50SnowfadeShawdow Man
159:40Darkness And SilenceVII
160:20CosmomachiaAmbient Artaud Rotorion
164:08Darkness And SilenceIX
165:06deadhorsevampire angst
169:16Epsilon EridaniFalling Asleep
173:52Manrico Montero, David VélezDune

It's a pretty poe showing.

- MMetlay

Extreme High Heels

Dark Ambient, Sound Collage, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #026
Average Bitrate: 145kbps mp3
Cover: Sexy girl in extremely high Buffalo Boots
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Direct URL: extreme-high-heels
Podcast Length: 3 hours, 4 minutes

Tracks from Joe Frawley's new release "Carnival". Fantastic --thank you Joe.
Various 78rpm recordings from, mostly the noisy vinyl sound from the run out groove, and some more Backyard Ghost.
Ending with Bardo from Shane Morris's recent release on Tree Trunk Records "Etched to Fade".

00:00Tschaikowsky (Arr by Ray Austin)Piano Concerto in B Flat - Fox Trot (edit)
01:00Black DreamsSerial Killer
02:00NordBeckGalli Cursi
09:29Backyard GhostBatesian Mimicry
11:07Joe FrawleyPremonition I
13:05Tobias Herzz HallbauerOrly
15:54Joe FrawleySkywriting - An extremely tiny box
23:12abc100wash my spaceship
23:42Tobias Herzz HallbauerVideotape
25:45melophobiachurch love
28:01Joe FrawleyA sleepwalker's vocabulary
33:27SpunticEthereal Horizon
40:45Kirill PlatonkinRiver Demon Is Observing From The Deep
50:45Backyard GhostTales of the Pale Moon
53:21Bobby Scott78 rpm vinyl noise (excerpt)
56:14Harry James78 rpm vinyl noise (excerpt)
56:29Backyard GhostSpintriae
60:15Joe FrawleyPremonition II
65:17Joe FrawleyA Secret Story
68:09herr axelssonprelude to rain
69:44Claudio CurciottiThe Party (binaural)
77:32Cab Calloway78 rpm vinyl noise (excerpt)
77:49Vena PortaeOpen gates
78:50Black DreamsVoices of the Deep Space
79:49herr axelssonrain I
83:28herr axelssonrain II
85:30SchurikenIntro In Hell
86:47Joe FrawleyI think it was
92:04Zreen ToyzWatery Landscape
99:31Dinah Shore78 rpm vinyl noise (excerpt)
99:42Joe FrawleyThe kiss
103:13herr axelssonbroken sea (the sum of rain)
105:12BlackulaPopsong For The Alienated (Menstrual Cycle Remix By La Flore Intestinale)
106:40Joe FrawleyBrown mascara
110:53Tobias Herzz HallbauerDeserts
112:41Joe FrawleyAvenue of the Secret Fur
115:52Tobias Herzz HallbauerSmoked Out
118:25Julia van der PillerKilling Of Green
118:56Claudio CurciottiAllah Akbar 2
119:53Joe FrawleyPremonition III
122:37Ambient FabricNight
123:31Tobias Herzz HallbauerNight
126:25Tobias Herzz HallbauerWho Are You - Credits
133:06Joe FrawleyIn paradisium (Black lipstick)
140:53Shane MorrisBardo

Why do we have to wear either flip flops or extreme high heels?

- Altocumulus