Smooth Metal Underground

Field Recordings, Drone, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #021
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: LA subway or particle accelerator?
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Music by Disturbed Earth, Pixyblink, Mystified and C.P. McDill (aka Drone Wallah) make up the bulk of the show. Thanks to Disturbed Earth and Mystified for providing the music.

Mystified sent me 10 samples that he called BoneGen. He said I could play them in any order I liked in lieu of playing live. I opted to choose the order based on Tarot Cards and the I Ching. Thanks to Altocumulous and Michael Corbett for helping select the order.

Field recordings used taken from field recordings netlabel Wandering Ear. Fantastic!

This show dedicated to the memory of Douglas J.P. Lee who passed away this past Tuesday. You are loved and will live on through your music. Thank you.
00:00the Beige ChannelShamian Island SoundWalk
01:22José Maria Pastor SánchezEl Cati
09:35pixyblink/Disturbed Earthtrouble on the wind
16:38Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseCreekside
19:18MystifiedBone Drone
19:28Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Azhan (excerpt)
25:52MystifiedBoneGen (Mystified vs. The Tarot)
29:42Drone WallahAncient Lights
31:32Drone WallahBoojum
33:35Drone WallahCaboodle
35:40Disturbed EarthGaslight
40:33pixyblink/Disturbed Earthan uneasy calm
52:08Luís AnteroOld Times # 1
53:05Christian DoilOzean
65:10pixyblink/Disturbed Earthfallen in battle
65:22Disturbed EarthIvy (requiem for Douglas J.P. Lee)
75:24Drone WallahFiddler's Green
77:38MystifiedBone Drone 2
79:23Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Fajr (excerpt 1)
79:26MystifiedBone Drone 2
84:19MystifiedBoneGen (Mystified vs. The I Ching)
91:20Drone WallahJackanapes
93:06Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseSymphonyhall
96:08Kirill PlatonkinSummer Dream
102:17Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseParkbats
103:58Disturbed EarthVampire
111:40Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseFriarbirds
113:23foselobjective mote
121:56Disturbed EarthCandles
136:33Scott Sherkicelandic surf
138:25MystifiedBone Drone 3
142:56Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Fajr (excerpt 2)
146:15Mike HallenbeckSweets Vendor, Lucknow
147:59Michelle NagaiOverlook on Lake Superior, Night
149:54pixyblink/Disturbed Earththe creeps
155:51Scott Sherkchurch
158:19The Omega CoreThe Greenhouse of Abject Horrors
159:52Disturbed EarthHindsight
165:28Mystified & The Ghost Between The StringsThe End Of Resolution
171:12Mike HallenbeckLion and Tigers and Birds, Lucknow
173:45Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseHarbourstorm
176:03Mike HallenbeckMonument, Lucknow

This feels like smooth metal underground.

- Altocumulus