Little Cthulhus Are Adorable

Cinematic, Horror, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #020
Average Bitrate: 131kbps mp3
Cover: lawn sculpture
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Epic set by Shane Morris. A couple glitches but somehow they go with the set.

Tried going for a dark cinematic type of ambient. Hope you like it.

Thanks to the KMUD (shortwave) Mojave Phone Booth Broadcast for the brief sample regarding Cryogenics...

Shane was kind enough to provide me with a recording of his set straight from the gear (flac, you gotta love it.) So naturally I edited out the streamed version and re-encoded the file. If you were an early downloader, it's recommended to replace your file with this new fancy hi res version... That will be all.
00:00Budhaditya ChattopadhyayBenaras
04:47Psychophony 425principle of abstinence - principle of death
09:47GuildAtonement (excerpt)
12:18Andrey KiritchenkoViolet Molecule
14:16foselThe Great Awkwardness (KM Krebs remix)
36:09Demi-Biche & GrypheePulsations
44:40Psychophony 425...trapped 700 meters below ground
47:27Psychophony 425principle of abstinence - principle of death
52:19Psychophony 425no one achievement exit with life...but
62:47Shane MorrisLive on Sadayatana
119:56oVdk / Bunk DataDistant Refraction
132:11Deep Into PerspectivesSylvia's Old House
137:07Agustín MedinaTemperature of variable color
143:55nThIre Spiritum et Redire
146:04Deep Into PerspectivesSawmill Symphonics
150:19Andrew HayleckBody in the marsh
154:04Deep Into PerspectivesThe Last Dance
158:47LegionHaunted cathedral (Edgeist glass remix)
160:53Andrew HayleckKiller eludes the cops
164:37Radio DerryWe All Float (excerpt)
166:18LegionOutroduction void
170:59Xalm RetributionGraveyard
177:25nThSensit se Raptum in Spiritus
177:31SadayatanaShow Outro

Little Cthulhus are adorable.

- AntiM