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At The Risk of Gossiping

World Fusion, Tribal, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #023
Average Bitrate: 159kbps mp3
Cover: Chit chat
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Direct URL: at-the-risk-of-gossiping

Filling in for Vir Unis on Rabbit Hole Radio, it's kind of a combo Sadayatana RHR flavored show.
I took it easy and played some of my favorite longer tracks. A couple from Disturbed Earth's excellent release "hotel", and one of my favorite tracks from the Darkwinter netlabel, Subseason: II.
Wrapping things up with tracks from Shane Morris' tribal flavored release "Equinox", among other assorted groovy tracks.
00:00Disturbed Earthjalousie
42:17i am esper and mystifiedDisintegration 4
50:20bulletheadDestructive Creativity
53:03Wavespan & MystifiedPiano in Slow Motion 3 (Mystified Remix)
56:23MystifiedWinds Hands Edit
56:29C. ReiderHeir Obscur
60:03C. ReiderDown Phantom
139:55Shane MorrisThe Earth Speaks
149:43PalancarGrandmother of the Dawn
159:48Shane MorrisBy the Fire's Light
171:15Disturbed Earthshanty

I thought you knew - at the risk of gossiping...

- Shellseeker

Spaghetti Squash Vegan Stuff

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #025
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: What do you believe in?
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Since my show is preempted by the City Skies Concert series, I did an unscheduled raid on the stream early early this morning. Here is the result. I hope you like it.
00:00Joe Frawley (Rachel Rambach, vocals)Angel Box One
01:53Kirill PlatonkinCellar Of Mind
06:30Disturbed Earthshade
12:45Kirill PlatonkinThe Wind Is In
15:01Kirill PlatonkinAt The Bottom Of A Ravine
16:58PalancarFalling Free
27:22Synaptic NecropolisSpherical Wastelands
31:35Snake SurikovMemoirs on a factory
39:14Alexei Biryukoffnight
40:27Michael MearaUnderground Surgery
46:52Backyard GhostUntitled
47:48Gill de la touretteAntarctica (part 1)
50:12The Cherry Blues Project1 - Station, Pt. 1
55:01Cory AllenI am awake
71:45Ambient FabricExperimental Soundscape 2
75:10Ambient FabricAnger
80:22Caerula SanguisBreaking of the Shell
84:36Deep Nostalgia of MortalityMalignance of Nefarious Daylight
86:58Lezet / litmus0001claptrap 324
91:07Xalm RetributionDark Soil
96:54HerdTangent 39
99:18PLaNeTZooa. intro
101:58Epsilon EridaniAlbanese Pray
105:43Obscure VisionsWe met him, who helped us to escape
109:08Stephen PhilipsWhat Light Is This
111:12pixyblink/Disturbed Eartha fire at sea
118:38wialenovebecomes panic
123:45MuhrThe borromean fields
124:59MuhrWe are vanishing points
133:41wialenovemantra dada
133:43wialenovethe ultimate terror
133:51wialenovemantra dada
137:08NyctalllzPrevious Madness (Intro)
141:54GeronymakisHupnos (remixed)
145:16DeamorphinDark blue eyes of seaweed
147:06Nik XaOSIntro
149:52foselterribly afar in lost lands
159:17Aidan Baker24.2.24.4. (remixed)
166:54Cluster OneSferics (videotrack version)
171:51Neon LotusII
175:11Agustín MedinaThe Box

Makin' some spaghetti squash vegan stuff tonight.

- Disturbed Earth

Last Show to Nowhere

Ghost Ambient, Field Recordings, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #024
Average Bitrate: 152kbps mp3
Cover: Bridge to Nowhere
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Direct URL: last-show-to-nowhere

Tracks from Backyard Ghost, and his other project with The Spirit Dies: The Grave Dominion. New releases from Treetrunk Records, Dark Winter, and Webbed Hand Records. Tracks by Nathan Larson and Brooks Rongstat... What do you have? A heady brew my friend... Take just before bed in a darkened room.
00:00The NumberJackThe Intro Feat. Vince Price
02:27Bunk DataEyes Burned With Anguish
09:46The Grave DominionBitter Harvest
15:10Bulkratea frozen realm
23:29Backyard GhostCryogenics
23:42The Grave DominionCompulsion
30:46Backyard GhostUntitled
38:48Backyard GhostHungry Ghost
47:04Daniel del RioTurbulence(cab resonant)
47:59False MirrorCharybdis
62:02Backyard GhostMorgellions
67:55Backyard GhostThe Mortal Realm
68:54Bulkratedrown thy sorrow
75:41Alexei Biryukofflonely cow
76:03Roto VisageThe Death of Kotzwara
79:25Backyard GhostSorcerer
82:46Synaptic NecropolisGlacial Asylum
92:38BubenSounds Of Night Garden
98:41PhaenonDisturbed Surface (sharp remix)
103:04Alexei Biryukoffcrowd
105:41Backyard GhostResurrection
106:55Olivier Cyr and PrioriAlone Priori's Remodel
112:10The Grave DominionDenounced
123:14ExuviaeSwallowing Ghosts
127:04Alexei Biryukoffgeese
127:44SamsaArmchair Ascention
130:47Bunk DataInterference Extraction
137:27Daniel del RioFerryboat (underwater)
138:14Backyard GhostMithridatization
140:13bunk data vs abre ojosa beam from eon
154:53abre ojosair
157:00abre ojosair
158:24abre ojosair
160:11SamsaUphill Both Ways
160:58abre ojoswater
163:26The Grave DominionFiction for the Faithful
169:48PrioriJane's Asphyxia
174:37ANGELswinghe found himslef without
175:21Backyard GhostLate Night Visit From Mr Flashlight

I love where you shows go... to nowhere.

- Disturbed Earth

The Tyranny of Horizontal Surfaces

Dark Ambient, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #022
Average Bitrate: 149kbps mp3
Cover: Copper triangle
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Great dark ambient from Palancar, live set from Phelios, Tracks from Disturbed Earth's fantastic "hotel". I'm going to bed. Thanks all.
01:14PalancarThe Darkest Evening of the Year
14:43PalancarCrooked Little House
24:44PalancarResidue (Afterwards)
33:14PalancarFalling Free
39:56PalancarThree Threes
54:14PalancarValley of the Shadow
77:27Phelioslive 01.01.2011
132:35foselDeep With Quartered Shades (Km Krebs Remix)
142:30SombraCellar Door
147:22Stephen PhilipsThe Darkness Deep Down
147:38HBKEmbrace, Extend, Extinguish (edit)
148:38SombraThe Guard
151:58Disturbed Earthgreasy
166:59Disturbed Earthshanty

I mean, as soon as you have one, it fills up with stuff and you need another one. And some day you find your life is ruled by stuff and horizontal surfaces...

- Darth Buddha

Smooth Metal Underground

Field Recordings, Drone, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #021
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: LA subway or particle accelerator?
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Music by Disturbed Earth, Pixyblink, Mystified and C.P. McDill (aka Drone Wallah) make up the bulk of the show. Thanks to Disturbed Earth and Mystified for providing the music.

Mystified sent me 10 samples that he called BoneGen. He said I could play them in any order I liked in lieu of playing live. I opted to choose the order based on Tarot Cards and the I Ching. Thanks to Altocumulous and Michael Corbett for helping select the order.

Field recordings used taken from field recordings netlabel Wandering Ear. Fantastic!

This show dedicated to the memory of Douglas J.P. Lee who passed away this past Tuesday. You are loved and will live on through your music. Thank you.
00:00the Beige ChannelShamian Island SoundWalk
01:22José Maria Pastor SánchezEl Cati
09:35pixyblink/Disturbed Earthtrouble on the wind
16:38Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseCreekside
19:18MystifiedBone Drone
19:28Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Azhan (excerpt)
25:52MystifiedBoneGen (Mystified vs. The Tarot)
29:42Drone WallahAncient Lights
31:32Drone WallahBoojum
33:35Drone WallahCaboodle
35:40Disturbed EarthGaslight
40:33pixyblink/Disturbed Earthan uneasy calm
52:08Luís AnteroOld Times # 1
53:05Christian DoilOzean
65:10pixyblink/Disturbed Earthfallen in battle
65:22Disturbed EarthIvy (requiem for Douglas J.P. Lee)
75:24Drone WallahFiddler's Green
77:38MystifiedBone Drone 2
79:23Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Fajr (excerpt 1)
79:26MystifiedBone Drone 2
84:19MystifiedBoneGen (Mystified vs. The I Ching)
91:20Drone WallahJackanapes
93:06Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseSymphonyhall
96:08Kirill PlatonkinSummer Dream
102:17Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseParkbats
103:58Disturbed EarthVampire
111:40Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseFriarbirds
113:23foselobjective mote
121:56Disturbed EarthCandles
136:33Scott Sherkicelandic surf
138:25MystifiedBone Drone 3
142:56Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Fajr (excerpt 2)
146:15Mike HallenbeckSweets Vendor, Lucknow
147:59Michelle NagaiOverlook on Lake Superior, Night
149:54pixyblink/Disturbed Earththe creeps
155:51Scott Sherkchurch
158:19The Omega CoreThe Greenhouse of Abject Horrors
159:52Disturbed EarthHindsight
165:28Mystified & The Ghost Between The StringsThe End Of Resolution
171:12Mike HallenbeckLion and Tigers and Birds, Lucknow
173:45Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseHarbourstorm
176:03Mike HallenbeckMonument, Lucknow

This feels like smooth metal underground.

- Altocumulus

Little Cthulhus Are Adorable

Cinematic, Horror, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #020
Average Bitrate: 131kbps mp3
Cover: lawn sculpture
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Direct URL: little-cthulhus-are-adorable

Epic set by Shane Morris. A couple glitches but somehow they go with the set.

Tried going for a dark cinematic type of ambient. Hope you like it.

Thanks to the KMUD (shortwave) Mojave Phone Booth Broadcast for the brief sample regarding Cryogenics...

Shane was kind enough to provide me with a recording of his set straight from the gear (flac, you gotta love it.) So naturally I edited out the streamed version and re-encoded the file. If you were an early downloader, it's recommended to replace your file with this new fancy hi res version... That will be all.
00:00Budhaditya ChattopadhyayBenaras
04:47Psychophony 425principle of abstinence - principle of death
09:47GuildAtonement (excerpt)
12:18Andrey KiritchenkoViolet Molecule
14:16foselThe Great Awkwardness (KM Krebs remix)
36:09Demi-Biche & GrypheePulsations
44:40Psychophony 425...trapped 700 meters below ground
47:27Psychophony 425principle of abstinence - principle of death
52:19Psychophony 425no one achievement exit with life...but
62:47Shane MorrisLive on Sadayatana
119:56oVdk / Bunk DataDistant Refraction
132:11Deep Into PerspectivesSylvia's Old House
137:07Agustín MedinaTemperature of variable color
143:55nThIre Spiritum et Redire
146:04Deep Into PerspectivesSawmill Symphonics
150:19Andrew HayleckBody in the marsh
154:04Deep Into PerspectivesThe Last Dance
158:47LegionHaunted cathedral (Edgeist glass remix)
160:53Andrew HayleckKiller eludes the cops
164:37Radio DerryWe All Float (excerpt)
166:18LegionOutroduction void
170:59Xalm RetributionGraveyard
177:25nThSensit se Raptum in Spiritus
177:31SadayatanaShow Outro

Little Cthulhus are adorable.

- AntiM