Young Man With Cream Tarts

Ghost Ambient, Field Recordings, Abstract, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #016
Average Bitrate: 149kbps mp3
Cover: Ocean Crossroads
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Mostly new or recent releases tonight from webbed hand records, dark winter, bfw recordings, clinical archives and basic_sounds. It was a good couple weeks for dark experimental releases. I thought so anyway, I think you will agree.
00:17Closer Contact + MeteerTransit One
01:39Closer Contact + MeteerFergusson Island
11:30SadayatanaShow Intro
12:45NasienieSnow Capture
14:47NasienieInsomnia (Dark Layer Mix)
18:21Wavespan & The Ghost Between the StringsValley of the Stones
24:49Backyard GhostApparitions
31:10ProsektorMortuus Spital
35:19Backyard GhostCharnal House
41:11ProsektorSecret Of An Old Hospital
48:14ProsektorLonely Soul In The Old Hospital
55:58Backyard GhostColumbarium
73:45ProsektorCrying Of A Forgotten Soul
80:33Backyard GhostBlack Mass
90:42Closer Contact + MeteerMariana Trench
97:23RadereLost At Sea, I'm Never Coming Back
123:12shinichiroaWATER LILY
124:57foseldark abyss unnavigable
131:46Massimo LiveraniL'acqua - Feat: Enrico Coniglio
142:59Closer Contact + MeteerTransit Two
143:37melophobianeighbor's house, wife, malefemale slave, ox, donkey (false witness)
148:30Closer Contact + MeteerTransit Three
149:28Closer Contact + MeteerSerenitatis One
154:46Closer Contact + MeteerTransit Five
155:49Closer Contact + MeteerTunguska
165:44Closer Contact + MeteerTransit Seven
166:34melting cloudsAutumn

"I am not here to expound my philosophy," replied the other, "but to distribute these cream tarts.

- Robert Louis Stevenson