Music Designed to Put Your Kids to Sleep

Ambient Train Wreck, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #014
Average Bitrate: 130kbps mp3
Cover: Far Side of the Sun
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A bit of a rough show. I did the best I could. A bit bummed out as Lucette Bourdin passed away yesterday. I didn't know her very well except by way of her music. We did get a chance to chat a bit in the stillstream chatroom. Nice lady who will live on through her music and art.

I got to play some more from Joe Frawley. This time from his release "A Book of Dreams". I alternated his Tangerine Parts I through V with tracks from the new release from Jack Anderton: "The Missing Couple". I'm not sure I did justice to either artist but it certainly complemented my feeling of melancholy.

The big event of the show was Palancar doing a live ambient train wreck improvisation in honor of Lucette Bourdin. It was a bit rough since we set it up on the fly so there is some dead air, etc. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Thank you Palancar. A nice tribute to your friend. I hope you will play live again after I get the bugs ironed out of my setup.

Ended the show with a bunch of stuff from the great russian netlabel: Qulture. Very nice. More of this later...

This show dedicated to the memory of Lucette Bourdin. May she rest in peace.
00:00Alex DurlakLowing - Section 1
04:52Alex DurlakLowing - Section 2
08:50Alex DurlakLowing - Section 3
14:54SadayatanaShow Intro
17:20Jack AndertonThunder House
18:28Joe FrawleyTangerine part I
22:47Jack AndertonPond Nymphs
25:45Joe FrawleyTangerine part II
29:15Jack AndertonIthsmus
32:37Joe FrawleyTangerine part III
34:13Jack AndertonHoneymoon Cottage
38:13Joe FrawleyTangerine part IV
41:10Jack AndertonShivering Sands
47:10Joe FrawleyTangerine part V
50:23Jack AndertonScar Rocks
54:26the inventors of aircraftthe black dog
56:46the inventors of aircraftpassing
62:04Jack AndertonBay Window (South Facing)
65:46SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
68:13TropolinaLetniy dnevnoy otdih na vtorom etaje
74:55TropolinaDeti v lesu
77:36TropolinaGrad, dojd', bochka
79:55SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
90:18Backyard GhostApparitions
96:59SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
107:20SadayatanaPalancar live ambient train wreck tribute to Lucette Bourdin
138:48SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
149:42NubiferousGrottoes of Unseen
155:13Solar OceanNight in Forest.Warm of the Bonfire.
158:19Requisitio Sensus AeternumObresti Svobodu
162:27Solar OceanNight Sky.Cold Stars
168:12Solar OceanSnowbound.The Ghost's in the Snowstorm
171:22Solar OceanWhisper of the Icewind
174:29Fatum Sci-FiDigital Brainwash
176:23SadayatanaShow Outro

Anyone ever try to make music designed to put your kids to sleep?