Whispering, Wailing, and Sighs

Ritual Ambient, Gothic, Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #013
Average Bitrate: 148Kbps MP3
Download: archive.org
Cover: Durrat Al Bahrain, Persian Gulf
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New releases from Earth Mantra, Webbed Hand Records, Senile Dementia Productions and Kopp netlabels. A mostly russian flavored show. What can I say... so much good dark ambient music is from Russia.

I downloaded [again...] the entire catalog from Senile Dementia Productions. And I have to say... this was not fun. It was track by track one at at time. I don't understand why they don't make their music available at archive.org. But I was pleased to see they are now sharing the music clearly with a creative commons license. I played several tracks from this terrific russian netlabel. Including a couple tracks from the new release by Bardosenedticcube.

A couple newish darkish releases from Earth Mantra were played. :sinclair:'s 0306 and Rigel Orionis's Variations on Sonic Integrity --these are both really nice.

A track from the new release from the kopp netlabel was cut short as I was just not in the mood for being as noisy as it was. Sorry about that. I made it up to Halgrath anyway, by ending the show with several of her tracks. I just can't get enough of that Halgrath stuff.
00:00DodeccaheedronAnd Then Came A Struggle 2011
05:11No-xygenThe Deserted
09:56No-xygenMove To An Entry To A Defiled Reverie
27:42BardoseneticcubeScratch of heart
36:35SadayatanaIntroducing Show
49:30Obscure VisionsThe Infernal Experiments
53:39Mentalny KolapsDreams Of The Abyss
69:59Neon LotusIV
72:56Ego Ex NihilLonin space
93:50SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
96:41No-xygenSurrounded By Solitude
103:27No Way OutFragments for Psychiatrical Pain
110:16Sasha StrelnikoffFinding of the void
116:22[N.K.72]The air spirit
120:28Rigel OrionisVariation Six
129:52Sasha StrelnikoffAlly of the balanced mind
136:11Bagryanii SchliachChorne Ptastvo
139:54Sasha StrelnikoffHunger
143:16SadayatanaDarth Apologizes to Altocumulus For Playing Noisy Tracks
152:06Loki fun Lilith + HalgrathObsidian Journey
155:56Epsilon EridaniAnalogue Soundscapes 1
159:49HalgrathIrae Seithoria
170:05HalgrathMetal Scream
175:12HalgrathWhisper of the Mental Hypnosis
178:33SadayatanaShow Outro

Why do so many female ambient composers use voice, whispering, wailing, and sighs?

- Altocumulus