Come Back Later I'm Masticating

Drone, Abstract, Soundscapes, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #012
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Show starts with a nice set by Dan Minoza streaming live from Philadelphia. Dan was playing six string guitar with drones, loops, and found-sounds with laptop processing. I like this live stuff. I hope there will be more...

Played the bell tracks from Stephen Philips' "Eternal Recurrence". Gosh I love bell music, and his are pretty good.

Played the entire album of Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72] "The north sector of fourth level", really good dark stuff. I particularly like the crunching snow sounds.

Some tracks by Mystahr. They may have scared away some listeners. Will they scare you?
00:00SadayatanaHost Introduces Dan Miñoza Who Will Play Live For Us and Put Us Into a Psychedelic Trance
01:13Dan MinozaWinter Kept Us Warm (live improvisation)
43:13Sara Ayers and MindspawnFog
51:34Magnetic WindContact
60:32A damned agenachtseiten
68:51muhrLes Rêves Sont Des Poussières Du Possible
78:25Stephen PhilipsEternal Bells
80:25Stephen PhilipsSomber Bells
83:06Stephen PhilipsDream Bells
87:33SadayatanaHost Blathers on About Music, Death and Taxes
89:30muhrla gouache des temps
89:31Darkened SoulWinter's Cold Stare
101:13Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]The north sector of fourth level
108:23Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Life of the polar explorer
117:06Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Hole in ceiling
119:59Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]There where ends north sector
123:23Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Soma Ritual
128:59Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Metamorphyses in dark Forest
135:48SadayatanaHost Blathers About Dark Ambient Music
151:22MystahrUnknown Generator
158:14Antanas JasenkaMetal#01
164:54BinrayAmino Domino
168:20Elías MorenoBloodsleep
173:22Obscure VisionsRoad I
176:28SadayatanaHost Back Announces Show