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Music for Roosters

Dark Ambient, Drone, Electronic
Sadayatana Podcast #015
Average Bitrate: 152kbps mp3
Download: Sadayatana-2011-02-23.mp3
Cover: Agricultural Fields near Perdizes, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Direct URL: music-for-roosters

This is an impromptu show from this past Wednesday night. It was more of an experimental, just for fun testing type deal, not really meant to be podcast. But then disaster struck --my computer died.

If you were listening Friday at the regularly scheduled time for Sadayatana you may have noticed it was a repeat of a previous show. Well now you know why. But the podcast must go on, so here is the show from Wednesday. Computer repairs going good. See you next week.
02:38Louigi VeronaLife In The Troposphere
46:09arexxthe field
55:45Outra-GTezuka's Song
58:36Outra-GAngels With Dirty Faces
60:35NasienieHouse On The Hill
102:42SadayatanaExplaining the unexplainable...

Cock rock : music for roosters, right?


Music Designed to Put Your Kids to Sleep

Ambient Train Wreck, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #014
Average Bitrate: 130kbps mp3
Cover: Far Side of the Sun
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Direct URL: music-designed-to-put-your-kids-to-sleep

A bit of a rough show. I did the best I could. A bit bummed out as Lucette Bourdin passed away yesterday. I didn't know her very well except by way of her music. We did get a chance to chat a bit in the stillstream chatroom. Nice lady who will live on through her music and art.

I got to play some more from Joe Frawley. This time from his release "A Book of Dreams". I alternated his Tangerine Parts I through V with tracks from the new release from Jack Anderton: "The Missing Couple". I'm not sure I did justice to either artist but it certainly complemented my feeling of melancholy.

The big event of the show was Palancar doing a live ambient train wreck improvisation in honor of Lucette Bourdin. It was a bit rough since we set it up on the fly so there is some dead air, etc. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Thank you Palancar. A nice tribute to your friend. I hope you will play live again after I get the bugs ironed out of my setup.

Ended the show with a bunch of stuff from the great russian netlabel: Qulture. Very nice. More of this later...

This show dedicated to the memory of Lucette Bourdin. May she rest in peace.
00:00Alex DurlakLowing - Section 1
04:52Alex DurlakLowing - Section 2
08:50Alex DurlakLowing - Section 3
14:54SadayatanaShow Intro
17:20Jack AndertonThunder House
18:28Joe FrawleyTangerine part I
22:47Jack AndertonPond Nymphs
25:45Joe FrawleyTangerine part II
29:15Jack AndertonIthsmus
32:37Joe FrawleyTangerine part III
34:13Jack AndertonHoneymoon Cottage
38:13Joe FrawleyTangerine part IV
41:10Jack AndertonShivering Sands
47:10Joe FrawleyTangerine part V
50:23Jack AndertonScar Rocks
54:26the inventors of aircraftthe black dog
56:46the inventors of aircraftpassing
62:04Jack AndertonBay Window (South Facing)
65:46SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
68:13TropolinaLetniy dnevnoy otdih na vtorom etaje
74:55TropolinaDeti v lesu
77:36TropolinaGrad, dojd', bochka
79:55SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
90:18Backyard GhostApparitions
96:59SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
107:20SadayatanaPalancar live ambient train wreck tribute to Lucette Bourdin
138:48SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
149:42NubiferousGrottoes of Unseen
155:13Solar OceanNight in Forest.Warm of the Bonfire.
158:19Requisitio Sensus AeternumObresti Svobodu
162:27Solar OceanNight Sky.Cold Stars
168:12Solar OceanSnowbound.The Ghost's in the Snowstorm
171:22Solar OceanWhisper of the Icewind
174:29Fatum Sci-FiDigital Brainwash
176:23SadayatanaShow Outro

Anyone ever try to make music designed to put your kids to sleep?


Whispering, Wailing, and Sighs

Ritual Ambient, Gothic, Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #013
Average Bitrate: 148Kbps MP3
Cover: Durrat Al Bahrain, Persian Gulf
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Direct URL: whispering-wailing-and-sighs

New releases from Earth Mantra, Webbed Hand Records, Senile Dementia Productions and Kopp netlabels. A mostly russian flavored show. What can I say... so much good dark ambient music is from Russia.

I downloaded [again...] the entire catalog from Senile Dementia Productions. And I have to say... this was not fun. It was track by track one at at time. I don't understand why they don't make their music available at But I was pleased to see they are now sharing the music clearly with a creative commons license. I played several tracks from this terrific russian netlabel. Including a couple tracks from the new release by Bardosenedticcube.

A couple newish darkish releases from Earth Mantra were played. :sinclair:'s 0306 and Rigel Orionis's Variations on Sonic Integrity --these are both really nice.

A track from the new release from the kopp netlabel was cut short as I was just not in the mood for being as noisy as it was. Sorry about that. I made it up to Halgrath anyway, by ending the show with several of her tracks. I just can't get enough of that Halgrath stuff.
00:00DodeccaheedronAnd Then Came A Struggle 2011
05:11No-xygenThe Deserted
09:56No-xygenMove To An Entry To A Defiled Reverie
27:42BardoseneticcubeScratch of heart
36:35SadayatanaIntroducing Show
49:30Obscure VisionsThe Infernal Experiments
53:39Mentalny KolapsDreams Of The Abyss
69:59Neon LotusIV
72:56Ego Ex NihilLonin space
93:50SadayatanaWhat The Heck WAS that?
96:41No-xygenSurrounded By Solitude
103:27No Way OutFragments for Psychiatrical Pain
110:16Sasha StrelnikoffFinding of the void
116:22[N.K.72]The air spirit
120:28Rigel OrionisVariation Six
129:52Sasha StrelnikoffAlly of the balanced mind
136:11Bagryanii SchliachChorne Ptastvo
139:54Sasha StrelnikoffHunger
143:16SadayatanaDarth Apologizes to Altocumulus For Playing Noisy Tracks
152:06Loki fun Lilith + HalgrathObsidian Journey
155:56Epsilon EridaniAnalogue Soundscapes 1
159:49HalgrathIrae Seithoria
170:05HalgrathMetal Scream
175:12HalgrathWhisper of the Mental Hypnosis
178:33SadayatanaShow Outro

Why do so many female ambient composers use voice, whispering, wailing, and sighs?

- Altocumulus

Come Back Later I'm Masticating

Drone, Abstract, Soundscapes, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #012
Average Bitrate: 149Kbps MP3
Cover: bigheadedrobot
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: come-back-later-im-masticating

Show starts with a nice set by Dan Minoza streaming live from Philadelphia. Dan was playing six string guitar with drones, loops, and found-sounds with laptop processing. I like this live stuff. I hope there will be more...

Played the bell tracks from Stephen Philips' "Eternal Recurrence". Gosh I love bell music, and his are pretty good.

Played the entire album of Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72] "The north sector of fourth level", really good dark stuff. I particularly like the crunching snow sounds.

Some tracks by Mystahr. They may have scared away some listeners. Will they scare you?
00:00SadayatanaHost Introduces Dan Miñoza Who Will Play Live For Us and Put Us Into a Psychedelic Trance
01:13Dan MinozaWinter Kept Us Warm (live improvisation)
43:13Sara Ayers and MindspawnFog
51:34Magnetic WindContact
60:32A damned agenachtseiten
68:51muhrLes Rêves Sont Des Poussières Du Possible
78:25Stephen PhilipsEternal Bells
80:25Stephen PhilipsSomber Bells
83:06Stephen PhilipsDream Bells
87:33SadayatanaHost Blathers on About Music, Death and Taxes
89:30muhrla gouache des temps
89:31Darkened SoulWinter's Cold Stare
101:13Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]The north sector of fourth level
108:23Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Life of the polar explorer
117:06Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Hole in ceiling
119:59Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]There where ends north sector
123:23Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Soma Ritual
128:59Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]Metamorphyses in dark Forest
135:48SadayatanaHost Blathers About Dark Ambient Music
151:22MystahrUnknown Generator
158:14Antanas JasenkaMetal#01
164:54BinrayAmino Domino
168:20Elías MorenoBloodsleep
173:22Obscure VisionsRoad I
176:28SadayatanaHost Back Announces Show