Efface For Radio

Dark Ambient, Soundtrack, Abstract, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #007
Average Bitrate: 147Kbps MP3
Download: archive.org
Cover: Tidal Flats and Channels, Long Island, Bahamas
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New year's eve at Stillstream.com with Sadayatana at the helm. Why this brings to mind the ending of "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari", I'm not sure I can say...

Starting with this cool release from A Quiet Norway: "Live!", the show breaks into some film music from an Italian Giallo that never was.

My microphone fails me again (actually it's me failing to setup my mic properly, I'll get the hang of this eventually --I'm used to a radio studio what can I say?)

A track from the recent dark and watery release on Earth Mantra: Christian Doil's "Wasser" (saving the rest of this for later), several Saluki Regicide tracks from his recent release on webbed hand records.

A spooky track from Altocumulus' "Household Apocalypse"; several tracks from one of my favorite releases of the year Halgrath's "Liquid Mind".

And finishing with Mystified's inspired mix "A Prophecy Of Emptiness"
00:48A Quiet NorwayLive!
31:04Vitus Von DegenThe Two-Headed Saint
33:12Vitus Von DegenHidden Behind The Giorgione Painting (edit)
33:57zenithliquor amnii
41:34Christian DoilDunkles Fluid
48:44TangeCHON Part 2
79:26StuyvesantI Have No Clue
80:45Saluki RegicideThe Robot Had to Obey
85:10Garland VillanovaTwillight Of The First Locusts
91:00Saluki Regicide55 Monstrous Pictures
94:12Saluki RegicideSong of Amergin
99:34Monolithic DomeShag Harbour
105:18AltocumulusNight fears
121:12HalgrathHer Winter of Loneliness
128:20HalgrathDeep Underwater Darkest Tale
134:35HalgrathShaaman's Prarie
139:42Various ArtistsA Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix

I've got a face for radio, as they say.

- AntiM