Tale of The Lost Boat

Ritual, Nordic Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #010
Average Bitrate: 139Kbps MP3
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Cover: Mud Volcano Emerges from the Arabian Sea
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Couple cool tracks from the new Mayfairgrin release "This Delicate Confusion" on Webbed Hand Records. The rest of it is like a wacky electronica thing (wacky good!) The drumming on that "Sleep For Now" track reminds me of Peter Gabriel's "Last Temptation of Christ" soundtrack.

The rest is as you see below... except I got to play another unreleased track from Magnetic Wind's upcoming release "La Petite Morte": "L'enfant fille (Baby Girl)". Very cool. The intro reminds me of Nino Rota's soundtrack to the Fellini film "Cassanova" (one of my favorites...)
03:24mayfairgrinSleep for Now
12:55Ambient FabricBlack Star
17:58Nagual ArtVision II - The Hall
25:31Astral LightEarth
33:26Astral LightAir
40:10Juanjo PalaciosContenedor
47:14Black WindsDark Serenity
60:31Black WindsHypothermia
62:40Circle of PinesZerfrorenes Glas
69:50DodeccaheedronSecond Song From The Vice Versa World
75:24Master ToadPlead into the Darkness
78:36Master ToadLa mort de mon ami (Extended Version)
79:46Master ToadBeyond the Thicket, It Waits
82:35AltocumulusBag it
84:44Epsilon EridaniMasters Of Horror
93:23Magnetic WindL'enfant fille (Baby Girl)
99:42Nagual ArtBedroom Visitors
107:22Epsilon EridaniUnknown Message Received From A Distant Universe
118:46PavonineBon sang ne saurait mentir
126:37Magnetic WindThe World Below
131:52Juanjo PalaciosRozamiento
141:31Specta CieraWith Birds
145:36Specta CieraAccumulation Section
155:34CuatrojosCold Dylan Matter
161:18Mentalny KolapsUnder This Cold And Distant Sun / A Whisper
166:37XerxesDim times
171:01LN 313Satanicjour (R 0.97)

Every woman on the planet knows about the lost boat.

- Magneticwind