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The Wreck of the Adrenals

Sound Collage, Nightmare, Horror, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #011
Average Bitrate: 154Kbps MP3
Cover: Bloom in the Ross Sea
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: the-wreck-of-the-adrenals

The show opens with the title track from Joe Frawley's "Left Cincinnati". Joe was kind enough to send me this CD a couple days ago. I am so glad he did. You will be too.

New releases from the Dark Winter, Webbed Hand and Earth Mantra netlabels. Kirill Platonkin, ZMG, and Rigel Orionis are the respective artists.

The second hour of the show features either music from the Just Not Normal Netlabel, or music I was introduced to by listening to NTNS Radio. Thank you Mark Stolk aka Mystahr!

Then several more tracks from other Joe Frawley releases, including "Speak of This To No One", "A Book of Dreams", and "Ritual Research". All these tracks got a big response in the chatroom. I think you will like them too.

Finishing up with a nice track from Palancar and a tease from my favorite ambient train wreck.
00:00Joe FrawleyLeft Cincinnati
06:15Shane Morris & Muied LumensAt the gates of the unknown
15:54Kirill PlatonkinFlowers Cracking The Pavement
22:59Kirill PlatonkinIn The Corner Of My Memory
28:26Kirill PlatonkinDr. Hofmann's Bicycle Ride
31:18Kirill PlatonkinConfluence Of Worlds
39:26ZMGThe Sect - p0
40:47ZMGThe Sect - p1
44:24ZMGThe Sect - p2
47:09ZMGThe Sect - p3
48:24ZMGThe Sect - p4
52:30ZMGThe Sect - p6
52:32ZMGThe Sect - p5
54:56ZMGThe Sect - p6
61:46CAFDub 1 (edit 3)
65:52SinaVeil Of Tears
65:54SinaViolent Things
68:44SinaThe Sleepers
70:17SinaVeil Of Tears
72:45SinaIn My House
76:39SinaTime And Tide
78:31SinaAn Unkindness (Reprise)
80:17DanadaxInfestation of robotic insects
82:06DanadaxOct 10th 2005 Vero Beach
85:18dust2 - Two
85:19Joe FrawleyThe theory of Emily
88:17Joe FrawleyCumulus
96:17Andrass KissCatotelm
108:55KrabatofKi no umi (edit)
109:56Rigel OrionisVariation One
123:44SublinearAnd The Wind In the Trees Is Like the Sound of Eternity
127:37SublinearBreakdancing In the Rain (edit)
127:50Rigel OrionisVariation Three (edit)
132:33Nagual ArtThis Winternight Forever
135:44Nagual ArtCathedral of Flyers (Intense Remix by Dopedrone) (edit)
139:01Koji OkamotoSubmarine volcano
146:43Joe FrawleyDescension Day
149:09Joe FrawleyFaded flowers
152:35Joe FrawleyThe hypnotist
157:17Joe FrawleyApparition
160:56Joe FrawleyMistress of Ceremonies
164:46PalancarGrandmother of the Dawn
174:41PalancarJanuary 6, 2008 (City Abandoned to Electric Birds) (edit)

Wrecks my adrenals.

- Magneticwind

Tale of The Lost Boat

Ritual, Nordic Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #010
Average Bitrate: 139Kbps MP3
Cover: Mud Volcano Emerges from the Arabian Sea
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: tale-of-the-lost-boat

Couple cool tracks from the new Mayfairgrin release "This Delicate Confusion" on Webbed Hand Records. The rest of it is like a wacky electronica thing (wacky good!) The drumming on that "Sleep For Now" track reminds me of Peter Gabriel's "Last Temptation of Christ" soundtrack.

The rest is as you see below... except I got to play another unreleased track from Magnetic Wind's upcoming release "La Petite Morte": "L'enfant fille (Baby Girl)". Very cool. The intro reminds me of Nino Rota's soundtrack to the Fellini film "Cassanova" (one of my favorites...)
03:24mayfairgrinSleep for Now
12:55Ambient FabricBlack Star
17:58Nagual ArtVision II - The Hall
25:31Astral LightEarth
33:26Astral LightAir
40:10Juanjo PalaciosContenedor
47:14Black WindsDark Serenity
60:31Black WindsHypothermia
62:40Circle of PinesZerfrorenes Glas
69:50DodeccaheedronSecond Song From The Vice Versa World
75:24Master ToadPlead into the Darkness
78:36Master ToadLa mort de mon ami (Extended Version)
79:46Master ToadBeyond the Thicket, It Waits
82:35AltocumulusBag it
84:44Epsilon EridaniMasters Of Horror
93:23Magnetic WindL'enfant fille (Baby Girl)
99:42Nagual ArtBedroom Visitors
107:22Epsilon EridaniUnknown Message Received From A Distant Universe
118:46PavonineBon sang ne saurait mentir
126:37Magnetic WindThe World Below
131:52Juanjo PalaciosRozamiento
141:31Specta CieraWith Birds
145:36Specta CieraAccumulation Section
155:34CuatrojosCold Dylan Matter
161:18Mentalny KolapsUnder This Cold And Distant Sun / A Whisper
166:37XerxesDim times
171:01LN 313Satanicjour (R 0.97)

Every woman on the planet knows about the lost boat.

- Magneticwind

Black Heart With Filigree

Ethereal, Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #009
Average Bitrate: 143Kbps MP3
Cover: Montreal at Night
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: black-heart-with-filigree

Played the entire Deprivation Chamber release from bfwrecordings netlabel, albeit mixed in with the rest of the show. Really nice dark release.
Also a couple tracks from the new release from Elías Moreno. I took the liberty of mixing (briefly) some H.P. Lovecraft over the top of one track. Since we had been talking about Lovecraft earlier in the chatroom --and Elías Moreno was kind enough to release his music CC share-a-like. Very nice.
Special thanks to Shane Morris, Dan Minoza and Jessica Waters/Magnetic Wind for allowing me to play their music and include it in my podcast. Great stuff.
00:00Flores FunebresDepressive Personality Disorder
03:00Shane MorrisA Walk On The Dark Side Live
15:20Deprivation ChamberInjection
18:42TurmoilApparition In The Woods
23:33Deprivation ChamberThe Beauty in Numbers (Broken Machine Mix)
25:41UpheavalLords of Xibalba
41:06Magnetic WindHaunted
46:57Deprivation ChamberCrossing the Line
49:47Rose RedMr. Black
55:51Deprivation ChamberThe Beauty in Numbers (Outnumbered Mix)
57:58Light ImplantHalf Apocalypse
64:21Dan MinozaCoda from New Year's Eve Live on 2011 2:06
80:13Elías MorenoOxidized Beauty
83:24Elías MorenoDecadence Is Hidden In A Room
91:11NubiferousLakkolith Of Isolation
93:01Magnetic WindLa Mort Vient (Death Comes)
100:39Rose RedMurmet
106:41Elías MorenoBloodsleep
108:52CrepusculaRCalamidades Y Pavor Nocturno
125:16Deprivation ChamberCrossing the Line (Shattered Line Remix by Sakurus)
131:09TurmoilThe World Is A Toilet
133:14Phillip Wilkersonstardrone (bonus track)
144:06Magnetic WindSearching
149:08Michael MearaFire Upon The Crooked Cross
156:31Inner StruggleThe Eternal Loneliness
162:19Deprivation ChamberThe Beauty in Numbers (Lost in Numbers mix by DJ Ice Doll)
164:22Red FogThe Silicon Hawk Is Watching
177:18Phillip Wilkersonstarnadir

Inner thigh = black heart with filigre.

- Magneticwind

Calm, Happy Whispers

Dark Ambient, Ghost Ambient, Dream Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #008
Average Bitrate: 149Kbps MP3
Cover: Flooding in Queensland
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: calm-happy-whispers

Playing a lot of smaller tracks makes for a longer time editing the resulting playlist, makes for a later night getting the podcast ready before bed. Remind of this next week as I'm doing my show...
I'm thinking of using this Flores Funebres track "Depressive Personality Disorder" as kind of a theme song. I suppose I should email and ask the artist if it's ok. Nice short evocative track. Very cinematic.
This week I'm struck again by the quality of releases on the Ambientaria netlabel. This latest one "The Lady or The Tiger" got a lot of play in my car driving around this week and on tonight's show.
Also I get to play several tracks from that Joe Frawley release I was so taken with earlier in the year: "Speak of This to No One". Instead of auditioning music for my show I ended up just listening to that one for a week. Fun to hear it again. And thanks to the ever amazing Mark Stolk for turning me on to Joe Frawley. Awesome...
00:00Flores FunebresDepressive Personality Disorder
02:25Backyard GhostSalt And Water
09:17Backyard GhostMisty Grave Serenade
14:40Backyard Ghost1979
24:56Backyard GhostCapgras Delusion
35:39Elías MorenoBloodsleep
40:54Forgotten BackyardBlack Blood And Oil
50:09A Nocturnal ReviereAnother Path (Intro)
52:36Julia van der PillerDark symphony
68:54BulkrateInto the portal of doom
77:57Epsilon EridaniImmer Schnee In Silenzio
88:04Din-Tah ÄonUntitled
94:02Evgenij V. KharitonovElectrical Jungle
95:49Audio GeistDreams of the Dead Ocular-Ra
99:21Monolithic DomePigs Ate the Sun
107:20Joe FrawleyYes, please, yes
109:12Joe FrawleyThe kiss
112:40Joe FrawleyIn paradisium (Black lipstick)
120:21Ayankoko04 - Sens
127:08Impulsantwort + Pharmakustikgra_n3
134:42Nagual ArtDer Wandernde Jude
139:43Ayankoko03 - BlackMarch
145:45Christian DoilLiquidation
157:34CDRXThe Dreamscape's Machinery
162:16Mister VaporTrackless Depths

Makes me want to write a song called "calm, happy whispers".

- Gurdonark

Efface For Radio

Dark Ambient, Soundtrack, Abstract, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #007
Average Bitrate: 147Kbps MP3
Cover: Tidal Flats and Channels, Long Island, Bahamas
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: efface-for-radio

New year's eve at with Sadayatana at the helm. Why this brings to mind the ending of "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari", I'm not sure I can say...

Starting with this cool release from A Quiet Norway: "Live!", the show breaks into some film music from an Italian Giallo that never was.

My microphone fails me again (actually it's me failing to setup my mic properly, I'll get the hang of this eventually --I'm used to a radio studio what can I say?)

A track from the recent dark and watery release on Earth Mantra: Christian Doil's "Wasser" (saving the rest of this for later), several Saluki Regicide tracks from his recent release on webbed hand records.

A spooky track from Altocumulus' "Household Apocalypse"; several tracks from one of my favorite releases of the year Halgrath's "Liquid Mind".

And finishing with Mystified's inspired mix "A Prophecy Of Emptiness"
00:48A Quiet NorwayLive!
31:04Vitus Von DegenThe Two-Headed Saint
33:12Vitus Von DegenHidden Behind The Giorgione Painting (edit)
33:57zenithliquor amnii
41:34Christian DoilDunkles Fluid
48:44TangeCHON Part 2
79:26StuyvesantI Have No Clue
80:45Saluki RegicideThe Robot Had to Obey
85:10Garland VillanovaTwillight Of The First Locusts
91:00Saluki Regicide55 Monstrous Pictures
94:12Saluki RegicideSong of Amergin
99:34Monolithic DomeShag Harbour
105:18AltocumulusNight fears
121:12HalgrathHer Winter of Loneliness
128:20HalgrathDeep Underwater Darkest Tale
134:35HalgrathShaaman's Prarie
139:42Various ArtistsA Prophecy Of Emptiness Mix

I've got a face for radio, as they say.

- AntiM