Hungry for Sage

Dark Ambient, Drone, Soundscape, Insanity
Sadayatana Podcast #006
Average Bitrate: 148Kbps MP3
Cover: Icebergs along Princess Ragnhild Coast, Antarctica
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This is my Christmas show. Allan Goodman is doing a show in my slot this week. It's his birthday. Happy birthday Allan. Merry Christmas. This was an unscheduled raid on

Was having some trouble with my microphone (again.) Instead of voice-overs back announcing the tracks there is some ambient background field recordings. It's like watching a football game without the announcers. Which if I had to watch a football game I would want it to be without announcers. So maybe this is a good thing.
00:00Saluki RegicideThe Shades to Appease
07:34mystifiedIs It Possession
11:41Christopher McFallThird Guest
18:30Nephets BlipWaft
48:55Cory AllenI am awake
55:53Cory AllenJourney to Bodhi
59:41Cory AllenSatori in Atlantis
66:33Cory AllenSangha
71:08Cory AllenVipassana
78:22Digital Mass with Shane MorrisTrain To Knowhere (Digital Mass Remix)
108:10mayfairgrinempyrean v
116:16mayfairgrinempyrean vii
126:59Rivers Of AshesFolding Space & Time
166:40foselwide glooms