The Legend of Palo Santo

Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient, Dream Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #005
Average Bitrate: 142Kbps MP3
Cover: Sediment off the Yucatan Peninsula
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Earlier in the week I emailed Gastón Arévalo asking him to release the live version of his Marea release as Creative Commons music --so I could play it on my show. Yay! He did, so that's how I started this week. The rest of the show is a mix of tracks from the Dark Winter and eg0cide netlabels. Both labels are kind enough to release all their tracks as Creative Commons share and share alike. Allowing me to remix and adapt, provided that attribution is provided. Thank you Dark Winter and Eg0cide netlabels!
00:00Gastón Arévalomarea live
34:37Digital MassShatter Drops
46:25BulkrateUnder the ice cold surface
51:36CDRXThe Dreamscape's Machinery
67:14oVdk / Bunk DataSyntactic Incoherence (Butsumetsu)
78:01Stephen PhilipsThe Darkness Deep Down
82:41MystifiedThe Wind Was Heavy Seetyca Anemra Remix
86:53ExuviaeTraces of Silver Blood
91:15SamsangelswingTrain Locator
93:54Digital MassThe Murk
135:33Mister VaporTrackless Depths
138:55Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriStrange God
147:22ExuviaeSwallowing Ghosts
149:22Digital MassLost Satellite
159:45SM/SMAcherontic Crypt

That's enough for a palo santo bonfire.

- Palancar