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Hungry for Sage

Dark Ambient, Drone, Soundscape, Insanity
Sadayatana Podcast #006
Average Bitrate: 148Kbps MP3
Cover: Icebergs along Princess Ragnhild Coast, Antarctica
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Direct URL: hungry-for-sage

This is my Christmas show. Allan Goodman is doing a show in my slot this week. It's his birthday. Happy birthday Allan. Merry Christmas. This was an unscheduled raid on

Was having some trouble with my microphone (again.) Instead of voice-overs back announcing the tracks there is some ambient background field recordings. It's like watching a football game without the announcers. Which if I had to watch a football game I would want it to be without announcers. So maybe this is a good thing.
00:00Saluki RegicideThe Shades to Appease
07:34mystifiedIs It Possession
11:41Christopher McFallThird Guest
18:30Nephets BlipWaft
48:55Cory AllenI am awake
55:53Cory AllenJourney to Bodhi
59:41Cory AllenSatori in Atlantis
66:33Cory AllenSangha
71:08Cory AllenVipassana
78:22Digital Mass with Shane MorrisTrain To Knowhere (Digital Mass Remix)
108:10mayfairgrinempyrean v
116:16mayfairgrinempyrean vii
126:59Rivers Of AshesFolding Space & Time
166:40foselwide glooms

The Legend of Palo Santo

Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient, Dream Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #005
Average Bitrate: 142Kbps MP3
Cover: Sediment off the Yucatan Peninsula
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Direct URL: the-legend-of-palo-santo

Earlier in the week I emailed Gastón Arévalo asking him to release the live version of his Marea release as Creative Commons music --so I could play it on my show. Yay! He did, so that's how I started this week. The rest of the show is a mix of tracks from the Dark Winter and eg0cide netlabels. Both labels are kind enough to release all their tracks as Creative Commons share and share alike. Allowing me to remix and adapt, provided that attribution is provided. Thank you Dark Winter and Eg0cide netlabels!
00:00Gastón Arévalomarea live
34:37Digital MassShatter Drops
46:25BulkrateUnder the ice cold surface
51:36CDRXThe Dreamscape's Machinery
67:14oVdk / Bunk DataSyntactic Incoherence (Butsumetsu)
78:01Stephen PhilipsThe Darkness Deep Down
82:41MystifiedThe Wind Was Heavy Seetyca Anemra Remix
86:53ExuviaeTraces of Silver Blood
91:15SamsangelswingTrain Locator
93:54Digital MassThe Murk
135:33Mister VaporTrackless Depths
138:55Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriStrange God
147:22ExuviaeSwallowing Ghosts
149:22Digital MassLost Satellite
159:45SM/SMAcherontic Crypt

That's enough for a palo santo bonfire.

- Palancar

All In a Day's Work

Dark Ambient, Drone Metal, Rain, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #004
Average Bitrate: 137Kbps MP3
Cover: Dust Accelerates Snow Melt in San Juan Mountains
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Direct URL: all-in-a-days-work

Seque mixing Gaston Arevalo's release "Marea" into a couple tracks by Russian emusician Slow and then into a long Saluki Regicide track. The second of three by Saluki Regicide in the webbed hand rain series. I follow up with a few odd tracks and some recent releases from Dark Winter netlabel. One of which causes some moaning (in the chatroom) about the moaning in the song. All in a day's work...
00:00Gaston ArevaloMarea
05:58Gaston ArevaloHielo Norte
11:08Gaston ArevaloLatitud
17:08Gaston ArevaloBosque
22:09Gaston ArevaloDive -3
29:00Gaston ArevaloDelta
33:32Gaston ArevaloMaritim
36:53Gaston ArevaloNebular
54:01Saluki RegicideRain II
126:28Drone WallahThe Dog of the Seven Sleepers
133:56Black AuroraThe Church of Apprehension
155:46edge of octobermemory and machines
164:03PerimeterSin Eaters

Agin' and Ragin'

Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient, Experimental, Abstract
Sadayatana Podcast #003
Average Bitrate: 150Kbps MP3
Cover: Alaska
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: agin-and-ragin

Starting with an hour long piece by Palancar that reminds me of Eno's bell studies and experiments I did inspired by same. Most of the rest of the show is devoted to dark ambient releases from the dna-productions netlabel. And finishing with a game of tag between To Repel Ghosts and Nagual Art --this is as christmas-y as I will be getting.
63:29Epsilon EridaniLamentos Lejanos
69:55Epsilon EridaniFalling Asleep
74:15Epsilon EridaniUnknown Message Received From A Distant Universe
80:35Epsilon EridaniExil Von Kurt Weill Nach Paris
85:54Epsilon EridaniWaking Up In A Cave
90:34t_error 404Dios
101:27Red FogEndorphin Haze
112:15Raspad AtomaHome
117:04Bagryanii SchliachUltima Thule
124:35Epsilon EridaniAt The Mountains Of Madness
144:59The Dead Children FactoryReason Eclipse
153:23Leonid M. Zhest'KaYA (Memory & Future)
158:17To Repel GhostsChristmas Song
161:38Nagual ArtSeance 1931
165:47To Repel GhostsSilent Night
168:35Nagual ArtA Song from F.
172:36To Repel GhostsWhite Christmas
175:37To Repel GhostsSilver Bells