The Rescue of Pico Henry

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Abstract
Sadayatana Podcast #001
Average Bitrate: 147Kbps MP3
Cover: Pico Henry and the Psychedelic Substance
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Ayn says: "When I caught Pico Henry I thought I was just going to take him to the humane society (2 cats already). They asked for a name when I signed him in and I was studying for my ARRL exam... so I almost said pico fared, but thought they would mess it up and I said Pico Henry... then they said they would have to put him down due to the mange and being super I brought him home.
It was tough and now he is super sweet!
When I am depressed, I think, if Pico Henry could make it... I can make it!"
00:00Reese BurganJune 17, 2007
00:58Reese BurganJune 17, 2007
18:12Roman SlavkaAir/Water
30:08Contact +-De veenmollen maken een nachtlied
38:18Roman SlavkaComplete Absorption
43:29Mons JacetGnissim Uoy
50:19a paranoid androidinducted earthquake
72:31VägskälWe shine brighter now
77:53Das Haus des Hundes22-22-44
80:54mons jacetdark waves
89:05Reese BurganJuly 16, 2005
104:06BluedarkLifeless terrain
128:45EletróliseSlow Impact
132:37Circle of PinesDown to the Dreamy Sky
144:39Ryudigital domain xoomei sahka tuvanskya
154:23seetycawie rauch in der seele
164:29TurmoilDuke Of Hades
174:34Dizzonanz DomesticGEntly swImming throuGh throats of tigERs
176:40TurmoilThe World Is A Toilet